The promise of Sichuan specializes in the pressing anti-blast switch board of PXK series stainless steel

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First, applicable scope
1. This product is suitable for the chemical industry, maritime oil drilling platform, metallurgy, medicine, light industry, textile, food, biological engineering, spaceflight aeronautical engineering and war industry,etc. are in the explosive gas or dust environment, make as the intersection of three-phase and Line four ' 380V/220V) Exchange distribution system supplying power or monitoring and control of the component to measuring the instrument, analyzing the instrument, monitor, microcomputer touch-sensitive screen, high-power frequency converter,etc. of the low-voltage electric apparatus.
2. Suitable for a district, dangerous place of 2 districts.
3. Suitable for IIA, IIB, IICs, the temperature group, for the explosive gas environment of T1-T4.
4. In the family, install in the open air.
Second, anti-blast principle
Adopt the medium to isolate and light the anti-blast measure of the source. Namely: Install the electric apparatus component that users use in one is full of pressing body of cupboard of clean gas, make the flammable and explosive mixing gas in the external environment condition unable to engage the component electric spark or dangerous temperature produced while working of the electric apparatus normally, thus the purpose to achieve explosion-proof of the electric apparatus.
Third, products characteristic
1. This product is mainly made up of body of cupboard, automatic control system, cloth angry system, warning system, distribution system; The body of cupboard is being pressed and each to make up, is pressing one of built-in user's systematic components of distribution, built-in automatic control systems.
2. Cupboard products adopt the intersection of GGD and the intersection of cupboard and shelf, main fact each about structure, cable trench the intersection of flat and type install, play and enter line, Qianmen to operate, the back door is overhauled.
3. The box products adopt the high-quality stencil plate to weld structure, main fact, a plate are upper and lower structure, hanging installation, play and enter line, Qianmen to operate and overhaul.
4. Musical instrument desk-top products adopt high-quality stencil plate fold, weld, shape, main fact, each front and back structure, seat type installation, play and enter the line, musical instrument platform to operate, the back door is overhauled.
5. Divided into ventilating type and compensating type according to entering the angry way. The ventilating type is as the incessant continuous air supply, the working heat of pressing one of built-in components can take away with the angry way, have very good heat-dissipating functions, are suitable for solving the heat-dissipating problem of the anti-blast frequency converter of high-power; The compensating type supplies gas for the discontinuity, should having good sealing nature to press, guarantee that it is narrow-minded to dawdle.
6. Users must offer the source of the gas, the requirement is: Purify air or nitrogen, source of the gas pigeonhole for: 0.2- 0.8Mpa; Usually the instrument wind in the scene can meet the demands in users.
7. Stencil plate material use the intersection of GB710-88 and cold-rolled stencil plate generally, can also select GB3280-84 for use, become rusty steel material according to user's request.
Fourth, function explain
Px series pigeonholing the cupboard
1. Before putting into operation in the chain of taking a breath that the products set up, the products, take a breath only through in the main plate, reach time of taking a breath that stipulate and after the person who take a breath, guarantee main fact a inside blow except flammable and explosive gas, each can receive electricity, begin, measure the intersection of main fact and of atmospheric pressure, guarantee when products put into operation, the electric apparatus component has already been isolated effectively by the clean medium.
2. Of atmospheric pressure meet fixed atmospheric pressure when the requirement in the main plate only, power switch over system, can transmit power to main fact automatically in the packs of plate.
3. A of working atmospheric pressure is 100Pa&le in the main plate; P≤ 1000Pa.
When higher than 1000Pa in atmospheric pressure, it is angry or opens the vent valve that the automatic control system closes into automatically, adjust internal atmospheric pressure automatically, guarantee products strike but not out of shape to damage hyperbar.
When lower than 100Pa in atmospheric pressure, the systematic autoalarm of the automatic control, and it is angry to open into, adjust inside and invigorate vital energy automatically, while invigorating vital energy successfully, return to normal automatically, the unsuccessful and internal atmospheric pressure drops to 60Pa, can set up the system and cut out automatically if necessary.
4. The automatic control system of a plate in order to control continuously incessantly, and reveal one of every pressure parameters in the main plate.
Fifth, main technical parameter
Protect the pressure of source of the gas of working pressure of the grade in anti-blast sign
ExpdeIIBT4 IP65 60- 1000pa 0.2- 0.8Mpa
ExpdeIICT4 50- 500pa

The anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. main management of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai, switch board, power distribution box, anti-blast power distribution box, anti-blast electric apparatus, anti-blast lamps and lanterns, anti-blast pipe fittings, the promise of Sichuan of the anti-blast distribution device specializes in the pressing anti-blast switch board of PXK series stainless steel;

The anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai is a anti-blast electric apparatus company incorporating developing, producing, selling, serving into an organic whole, the professional factory uses the anti-blast electric apparatus, stainless steel electric apparatus of explosion-proof, antiseptic electric apparatus of explosion-proof, products such as dust anti-blast electric apparatus, anti-blast lamps and lanterns, anti-blast button, pipe fittings, instrument and waterproof dustproof antiseptic electric apparatus and lamps and lanterns, anti-blast air blower, moving and lighting,etc..
The company has developed the anti-blast electric apparatus of stainless steel with steady, powerful with esthetic appearance all serial performance newly, in addition, introduce the antiseptic plastic products of a series of explosion-proof again, fully meet the leading products of new generation in requirements such as user's explosion-proof, antiseptic, waterproof, environmental protection, energy-conservation,etc..
For a long time, the company insists on & ldquo all the time; Scientific management, quality first, offer satisfactory products and fine one service for customer & rdquo; Policy,last project technician actively, managerial talent sum advanced production equipment, checkout equipment. Already had team of engineering, more high-quality production, managerial talent headed by senior engineer now. Can accept the design, production of various nonstandard anti-blast electric apparatuses.
It is satisfied with the petroleum that the products of the anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai are all-round, using the demand of each field such as chemical industry, vessel, medicine, textile, making wine, spaceflight, war industry, fire control. More than 30 province and city and more than 20 countries in great demand and domestic, are favored by the masses of users, it is the networking suppliers and cooperative partners of a lot of famous enterprises both at home and abroad.
Proceed from starting point of Hi-Tech, every slight expression of quality that anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. adheres to the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai, grasp and bear & ldquo; Quality seeks development, manage and achieve benefit, prosper enterprises with science and technology, the brand achieves the image & rdquo; Idea of development,devoted to anti-blast electric apparatus bright tomorrow undertaking when lasting China.

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