BXX8050 series explosion-proof antiseptic motive force power distribution box IIC, DIP

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Applicable scope

1. Suitable for a district of explosive gas environment, dangerous place of 2 districts;

2. Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC grade explosive gas environment;

3. Suitable for 20 districts of flammable dust environment, 21 districts, 22 districts;

4. It is T1&mdash to be suitable for the temperature group; Environment of T6;

5. Suitable for dangerous environments of explosiveness such as petroleum and petrochemical industry, chemical industry, making wine, medicine, paint, textile, printing and dyeing, war industry facility,etc.;

Characteristic of the products

1. The outer cover of this product adopts the glass fibre of Gao Qiang to strengthen unsaturated polyester resin and press the making type, the appearance is esthetic;

2. Product this anti-blast a case for the compounding anti-blast structure ' The stencil plate is welded in order to separate the producing structure) ,The power distribution box adopts and separates the producing structure, the bus bar case and junction box adopt the fitting structure again;

3. The adopting the module is designed, various return circuits can be free the association;

4. Install the high score inside and break the small-scale circuit breaker or mould the shell type circuit breaker, or exchange the contactor, hot relay,etc., through operating the handle (or the button) outside the anti-blast shell And realize and divide shutting;

5. This product puts out new design plan and operating organization that optimizes in an all-round way, compact and reasonable and commonability strong operating flexible and convenient feeling kind;

6. Have year, short out, lack and equal to protecting the function, can also increase and leak electricity to protect the function according to user's request;

7. All other fastener adopt, resist strong 304 of corrosion, become rusty the intersection of steel and material and prevent the shedding type from design, benefit user's installation, safeguard;

8. The way of connecting up, steel tube or cable, anti-blast hose will do;

9. Can customize specially according to user's request;

The explosion-proof of technical parameter marks: ExedIIBT4/T5/T6, ExedIICT4/T5/T6, DIP A20 TA, T4/T5/T6; Specified voltage: AC220/380V, non-standard voltage: 12V/24V/36V/127V/660V; The electric current of the master switch: 10A— 800A; Divide the electric current of the switch: 1A— 630A; Protect the grade: IP54/IP55/IP65; Whorl specification: DN15-DN100/G1/2-G4 inch introduces line specification: Diameter 6mm-80mm; Draw the line specification: Diameter 6mm-80mm; Introduce and draw the direction: Have enterprisingly out, leave and enter down.

The company briefs on

The company products are examined the organization regularly and up to the standards, please don't query to product quality.

Product this, for being apt to decrease product, because products pay the intersection of third party and transportation, guarantee products can appear the damaged situation in transit, if find that there are damaged situations after the arrival of the goods, please contact our company in time.

Please install according to the catalogue strictly, and is installed by the professional electrician personnel

The anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. main management of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai, switch board, power distribution box, anti-blast power distribution box, anti-blast electric apparatus, anti-blast lamps and lanterns, anti-blast pipe fittings, the device BXX8050 series explosion-proof antiseptic power power distribution box of the anti-blast distribution (IIC, DIP) ;

The anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai is a anti-blast electric apparatus company incorporating developing, producing, selling, serving into an organic whole, the professional factory uses the anti-blast electric apparatus, stainless steel electric apparatus of explosion-proof, antiseptic electric apparatus of explosion-proof, products such as dust anti-blast electric apparatus, anti-blast lamps and lanterns, anti-blast button, pipe fittings, instrument and waterproof dustproof antiseptic electric apparatus and lamps and lanterns, anti-blast air blower, moving and lighting,etc..
The company has developed the anti-blast electric apparatus of stainless steel with steady, powerful with esthetic appearance all serial performance newly, in addition, introduce the antiseptic plastic products of a series of explosion-proof again, fully meet the leading products of new generation in requirements such as user's explosion-proof, antiseptic, waterproof, environmental protection, energy-conservation,etc..
For a long time, the company insists on & ldquo all the time; Scientific management, quality first, offer satisfactory products and fine one service for customer & rdquo; Policy,last sum actively advanced production equipment, checkout equipment. Already had team of engineering, more high-quality production, managerial talent headed by senior engineer now. Can accept the design, production of various nonstandard anti-blast electric apparatuses.
It is satisfied with the petroleum that the products of the anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai are all-round, using the demand of each field such as chemical industry, vessel, medicine, textile, making wine, spaceflight, war industry, fire control. More than 30 province and city and more than 20 countries in great demand and domestic, are favored by the masses of users, it is the networking suppliers and cooperative partners of a lot of famous enterprises both at home and abroad.
Proceed from starting point of Hi-Tech, every slight expression of quality that anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. adheres to the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai, grasp and bear & ldquo; Quality seeks development, manage and achieve benefit, prosper enterprises with science and technology, the brand achieves the image & rdquo; Idea of development,last bright tomorrow undertaking.

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