Antiseptic control cabinet of BXK8050 series explosion-proof of promise of Sichuan

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Product introduction:
The control cabinet is mainly suitable for a district or dangerous area of 2 districts in explosive gas environment, it is ¢ò A, ¢ò B, type ¢ò C group T6 and following place, suitable for 20 districts of flammable dust environment, 21 districts, 22 districts place at the same time, exchange 50Hz, specified voltage to 380V, specified electric current make far the intersection of distance control and electromagnetic electric apparatus and divide, give up whom little capacity support, spend in circuit of 16A, taking the indicator lamp, ampere meter,etc. also reveals that point out the function.
Products attribute:
The control cabinet can work under the following conditions reliably: The elevation of a installation site is less than 2000m; B ambient air temperature is - 20 ¡æ- 40 ¡æ, and the average temperature value in 24h does not exceed 35 ¡æ; The maximum temperature of c installation site is at 40 ¡æ, the air relative humidity does not exceed 50%; Allow higher relative humidity at lower temperature; D is in the place to prevent the rainwater and drip and attack; E contains explosive gas environment in a district, 2 districts place in ¢ò s: Exed¢ò BT6f is containing 20 districts of flammable dust environment, 21 districts, 22 districts place: DIPA20 TAT6g class of pollution 3; H installs the classification: ¢òKind; I protects the grade: IP65.
Operation method:
The control cabinet is as follows, according to operating the function Press the button, the switch. B operation column, according to revealing the function is as follows, the indicator lamp reveals, ampere meter display.
Main characteristic:
1.The outer cover adopts the glass fibre to strengthen unsaturated polyester resin to suppress, have esthetic appearances, able to bear corrosion, antielectrostatic, the shock-resistant and fine performance that heat stability is good,etc.; .
2.Install omnipotent change-over switch, button, ampere meter (can be on request inside Install other instruments) , indicator lamp.
3.It can be by user's free choice that the change-over switch has 30 multi-type functions, but purpose-built according to customer's request.
4.The omnipotent switch drives the organization to undergo the optimization design, can be looking for automatically, can guarantee that it is flexible to rotate, there is no stagnat phenomenon of card.
5.The ampere meter range is appointed by users.
6.The steel tube or cable connects up and will do.
7.The products produce and only reflect the total unit content on factory's data plate, the unit code of every fen is an order parameter.
8.Install the way: Vertical or hanging type
9.Adopt the song way to seal the structural design, have good waterproof dustproof performance;
10.Expose the fastener and use the stainless steel, adopt and defend designing convenient users to install, maintenance.
The trouble is solved:
If the products present any question, please contact our company; Our company will submit the written solution within 24 hours. Get to the scene in 48 hours;
Maintain and protect:
4,Install and maintain 4. One grade of power before 1 needs to cut off before installing and maintaining; 4. 2 enter and qualified for the next round of competitions cable wear rubber, seal, enclose, use washer and compress tightly nut, compress tightly, guarantee to seal and the cable can't become flexible; 4. 3 operation columns should be checked regularly in the course of using, by guaranteeing it runs well; 4. 4 laymans forbid uncapping and installing maintenance.
Other explanation:
The technological file carried in the packing box in company with the products is as follows, a examines the certificate of quality; B operation instruction; 6 transports and stores 6.1 and operates the column in the course of transporting, there should be measure of preventing the sleet from attacking. 6.2 operates the column and should be stored in airiness, the air relative humidity is not greater than 90%, the temperature is not higher than 40 ¡æ, in at least - 25 ¡æwarehouse.
Trade comment:
Should point out the intact type, name, specification and order quantity of the products while ordering.

The anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. main management of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai, switch board, power distribution box, anti-blast power distribution box, anti-blast electric apparatus, anti-blast lamps and lanterns, anti-blast pipe fittings, the promise of Sichuan of the anti-blast distribution device supplies the antiseptic control cabinet of BXK8050 series explosion-proof;

The anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai is a anti-blast electric apparatus company incorporating developing, producing, selling, serving into an organic whole, the professional factory uses the anti-blast electric apparatus, stainless steel electric apparatus of explosion-proof, antiseptic electric apparatus of explosion-proof, products such as dust anti-blast electric apparatus, anti-blast lamps and lanterns, anti-blast button, pipe fittings, instrument and waterproof dustproof antiseptic electric apparatus and lamps and lanterns, anti-blast air blower, moving and lighting,etc..
The company has developed the anti-blast electric apparatus of stainless steel with steady, powerful with esthetic appearance all serial performance newly, in addition, introduce the antiseptic plastic products of a series of explosion-proof again, fully meet the leading products of new generation in requirements such as user's explosion-proof, antiseptic, waterproof, environmental protection, energy-conservation,etc..
For a long time, the company insists on & ldquo all the time; Scientific management, quality first, offer satisfactory products and fine one service for customer & rdquo; Policy,introduce actively project technician, managerial talent sum advanced production equipment, checkout equipment. Already had team of engineering, more high-quality production, managerial talent headed by senior engineer now. Can accept the design, production of various nonstandard anti-blast electric apparatuses.
It is satisfied with the petroleum that the products of the anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai are all-round, using the demand of each field such as chemical industry, vessel, medicine, textile, making wine, spaceflight, war industry, fire control. More than 30 province and city and more than 20 countries in great demand and domestic, are favored by the masses of users, it is the networking suppliers and cooperative partners of a lot of famous enterprises both at home and abroad.
Proceed from starting point of Hi-Tech, every slight expression of quality that anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. adheres to the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai, grasp and bear & ldquo; Quality seeks development, manage and achieve benefit, prosper enterprises with science and technology, the brand achieves the image & rdquo; Idea of development,bright tomorrow undertaking when is it anti-blast without being lasted China to devoted to electric apparatus.

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