Promise production of Sichuan of Shanghai Analyze the cabin in pressing explosion-proof of different specifications

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First. Summary

It is analyzed that the cabin began popular new technology in the world in middle period of the eighties. It collects the association of the online instrument of industry, in a complete set, install and apply to an organic whole, and in oil refining at first, used widely in chemical enterprises. Analyze standardization of room live, specialization design make to install live table, it is more convenient to safeguard, has and offered good operation and running environment for instrument, have got increasingly many application in the craft device. The series of production of our company are analyzed the cabin adopts the way of ventilating and pressing explosion-proof by force, prevent because inside releases the flammable gas and outside **The sex environment was caused **Dangerous. It is analyzed that the cabin adopts the steel type structure, the internal and external walls are stencil plates, the middle insulates against heat on storey. It is analyzed that the cabin is suitable for petroleum, trades such as the chemical industry,etc. II a district or 2 districts place **Sex environment.

Two. Systematic composition

The online explosion-proof is analyzed the room can be suitable for managing gold, trades such as the chemical industry, textile, oil refining,etc., it can be used in the I area completely, a kind of anti-blast industrial products of dangerous places such as II district,etc., so long as scene offer electricity is angry, online instrument can the and then dangerous place is safe, steady, reliable work, carry out the staff members that operates to get the security in analyzing the room at the same time.

This system is made up of five following parts:

A: analyzes the subject of the room (double-deck structure, fill out the material from keeping warm to insulate against heat to fire prevention in the middle)

Dangerous gas density detection system in flat B:

C: sound only calls the police and interlocks the system

D: instrument power system

E: Share the power system

Three. Service condition

A applicable scope:

1)Indoor ambient temperature: 5 ¡æ- 45 ¡æ

2)The environmental humidity is not greater than 95%

3)The height above sea level: Less than 2000M

4)It is analyzed that the indoor temperature takes the heating or air conditioner measure according to the inner requirement containing analysis instrument device

5)It is analyzed that the room should be in not to be the hazardous area to guide the tuber pipe entrance.

2 installs the service condition:

1)Ambient temperature: -20 ¡æ--40 ¡æ

2)Power: AC 220+ - 10% 50Hz

3)Atmospheric pressure: 50KPa --106KPa

4)The height above sea level: < 2000M

5)Have not shaken strongly

Four. Structure and main technical parameter

A cabin of structural forms: Adopt internal and external steel construction, will analyze the instrument, preconditioning, will control unit assembling in analyzing the room, analyze the room scene to install nearby. Take a sample and pop one's head to install before reducing pressure and standing outdoors. Subject it analyze room last structure,inside and outside cold to pitch (or stainless steel) Stencil plate, the base adopts the steel trough No. 10, the square steel construction of the fossil fragment all around, internal and external boards gush out and mould dealing with, middle intermediate layer thick 70MM, it is fire-retardant to pack with during that time, keeps warm, thermal insulator. Install anti-blast air conditioner in the room, can regulate the indoor temperature. The electricity mixes the system as the pipeline system, is furnished with the anti-blast power distribution box. The lighting system adopts the emergent fluorescent lamp of the explosion-proof. Analyze and also ventilate in the room, take a breath, the filter. The structure of opening the door the peephole only is furnished with the glass and see the window and flee for one's life. Adopt the special process technology to reach the sealing, antiseptic, dustproof, control functions such as the temperature,etc..

2 main technological characteristics

Totally closed system, creates the safest environment, whole anti-blast function for analyzing live, reporting signals are exported (DCS) of high quality . Dustproof, waterproof, defend the static, defend the spark function. Constant temperature, permanent wet function. Defend shaking the function. Isolate the environmental pollution function. Resist the environment and corrode the function, resist and interfere with live. Ground wholly, earth resistance & lt; 4Ω

3 main technical parameters:

A: anti-blast grade ExdIIBT4-ExdIICT6, makes the grade according to user's request and makes.

B: Analyze indoor the intersection of density and ultra limit ' 25%LEL) The sound only calls the police hour

C: power is 220VAC - 10%, 50HZ, 20A

D: protects the grade: >>56

The normal value of the pressure in E:: 30-100Pa

The anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. main management of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai, switch board, power distribution box, anti-blast power distribution box, anti-blast electric apparatus, anti-blast lamps and lanterns, anti-blast pipe fittings, the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai of the anti-blast distribution device produces the pressing explosion-proof of different specifications and analyzes the cabin;

The anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai is a anti-blast electric apparatus company incorporating developing, producing, selling, serving into an organic whole, the professional factory uses the anti-blast electric apparatus, stainless steel electric apparatus of explosion-proof, antiseptic electric apparatus of explosion-proof, products such as dust anti-blast electric apparatus, anti-blast lamps and lanterns, anti-blast button, pipe fittings, instrument and waterproof dustproof antiseptic electric apparatus and lamps and lanterns, anti-blast air blower, moving and lighting,etc..
The company has developed the anti-blast electric apparatus of stainless steel with steady, powerful with esthetic appearance all serial performance newly, in addition, introduce the antiseptic plastic products of a series of explosion-proof again, fully meet the leading products of new generation in requirements such as user's explosion-proof, antiseptic, waterproof, environmental protection, energy-conservation,etc..
For a long time, the company insists on & ldquo all the time; Scientific management, quality first, offer satisfactory products and fine one service for customer & rdquo; Policy,introduce actively project technician, managerial talent sum advanced production equipment, checkout equipment. Already had team of engineering, more high-quality production, managerial talent headed by senior engineer now. Can accept the design, production of various nonstandard anti-blast electric apparatuses.
It is satisfied with the petroleum that the products of the anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai are all-round, using the demand of each field such as chemical industry, vessel, medicine, textile, making wine, spaceflight, war industry, fire control. More than 30 province and city and more than 20 countries in great demand and domestic, are favored by the masses of users, it is the networking suppliers and cooperative partners of a lot of famous enterprises both at home and abroad.
Proceed from starting point of Hi-Tech, every slight expression of quality that anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. adheres to the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai, grasp and bear & ldquo; Quality seeks development, manage and achieve benefit, prosper enterprises with science and technology, the brand achieves the image & rdquo; Idea of development,devoted to lasting China anti-blast electric apparatus bright tomorrow undertaking.

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