ACMJ3 series condenser

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Shanghai and electricity Manufacturing Co., Ltd's main management, the condenser, reactance (hinder) The device, press core reactor at last, hollow reactor, there is no compensation condenser of work, wave filter, apply the brake resistance, unit of applying the brake, discharge coil. ACMJ3 series condenser;

Shanghai and electricity Manufacturing Co., Ltd one collect research and development of products, make serving for the integrative high-tech enterprise. Specialize in the reactor, condenser, wave filter,etc.. The production equipment of company is advanced, measure and test self-containedly, tremendous scientific research strength, have strong research and development capability and production capacity, there is a high-quality staff's team, the products are managed through the rigorous quality system on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, combine characteristic craft and frock of our company, is improving in product development constantly, innovating constantly, can design and produce according to users' special requirement. The properties of product reach country and sector standard, the marketing all parts of the country, win the favorable comment from user deeply.

The company adheres to people first, strengthen management, sincerity is managed, take the road to innovation of brand. There are the main products of company; Press core and connect the reactor in series at last, input and export the reactor, various hollow reactors, voltage transformer, the low pressure is connected in parallel from the healing electric condenser, intelligent object condenser,etc.. The above-mentioned products have all already reached seriation production, and each specification of each kind of series has been trial-produced, make intact detection to just put on market after recording behind reaching every indexes.

The company carries out & ldquo; Continuation is improved, pursue being outstanding & rdquo; Enterprise aim,win the market by quality that is fine, be lasted usered by service that is sincere first-class, develop and meet market's demands by the innovation of products technology. In new historical developing period, the company will continue insisting and implementing the scientific development view. Further expand the scope of the enterprise, repay the society with scale merit.

The company lies in the blue and green hillock industrial park of Shanghai, the geographical position is superior, with quiet environment, easily accessible. Wish to cooperate together with domestic and foreign friend, establish the cooperation in and the technology of developing the economy of various forms and manage the relation, create brilliance. Also welcome the friends from all walks of life to come over guidance to exchange.

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