Geest series GZDW hands in direct current to reject synthetically

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Shijiazhuang Geest electric Co., Ltd. manages the electric wire cable mainly, the attachment is cold to draw back the cable attachment, compound the insulator, isolate the switch, the fuse box, Geest GZD(W) of the arrester Hand in direct current to reject synthetically in series;

Shijiazhuang Geest electric Co., Ltd. is the key enterprises of high and new technology development zone of Shijiazhuang of Hebei, border on high speed and city Second Ring Road of Beijing-Shijiazhuang in the west. Shijiazhuang is a stone very much, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway pivot, extends in all direction, the internal and external geographical positions are very superior.
Shijiazhuang Geest electric Co., Ltd. one specializes in and develops the share-issuing enterprise of the cable attachment, company's fund is rich, technology is first-class, the company implements one layer of responsibility system under general manager's leadership, there are 12 departments, there are 228 workers now, famous electric expert, material expert become a advisor, there are strong products development ability, produce and sell 100,000 ability every year, it is one of the biggest cable attachment manufacturers of the whole country.
The products adopt a high elastic silicon rubber, fire-retardant type three yuan B third rubber that Kang Ning Company produce in Germany and make raw materials, it lasts seven years to develop through national famous rubber, chemical industry, electric wire netting expert, have filled in the blank of our country's prefabricating cable attachment. The products mainly include: 1-110KV prefabricates, cold and draws back the silicon rubber and expands the electric cable attachment in advance, 10KV is cold to draw back the cable attachment, connect the middle 10KV cable, 10KV wall bushing, 35KV wall bushing, 110KV wall bushing, the plug before 10KV is European, the plug after 10KV is European, insulating cap, connect the sleeve pipe, extend the sleeve pipe, the H type connects the sleeve pipe, the plug before 35Kv is European, the plug after 35VK is European, 35KV is European to connect the sleeve pipe, the cable very beginning of American 200A, elbow type cable fitting, the single open sleeve pipe is connected, one pair of open sleeve pipes is connected, earthing elbow very beginning, one set of sockets piecing, insulating cap, single open hanging, 600A T cable fitting, the Model 600A T cable connects the head, 600 A load change, connect, the intersection of 600A and insulating cap, 35KV cold to contract the intersection of cable and head in the family, 35KV cold to contract the intersection of the cable and hair in the open air, connect the middle 35KV cable, 35Kv arrester, 66KV arrester, 110KV arrester, 35KV isolates the switch, 110KV isolates the switch, the intersection of 10KV and injection fuse box, the intersection of 10KV and the intersection of porcelain and injection fuse box, mother arrange tube, cold to contract detailed to in charge of, prefabricate cold to contract, control the intersection of the cable and hair, B third rubbery water-proof belt, the cable protects one layer of protecting devices, take the protecting layer and protecting the case of the counter, RTV antipollution to flash coating, cable anti-blast shell and various the intersection of silicon and rubber climb again skirt, seal cap cold to contract the products, European cable branched case, American cable branched case, the cable branched case with switch, 10 K V cable branched case, and can offer high-quality silicon rubbery products of the special requirement according to the request of customer, the company still develops 220KV and the following and oxidizes the zinc arrester, isolate the switch, protect layer and protect case, falling fuse box, 220KV and the following organic synthesis and compound products such as the insulator,etc.. The above-mentioned products have already been applied to every field such as the electricity, railway, communication, traffic, petroleum, chemical industry extensively, and the numerous export the Sudan, Algeria, Congo, Vietnam, Burma, Belgium,etc. country.
The idea of incorporated business: Ask the market, work for development with sincerity with quality; Absorb the science and technology of the world, construct partner's culture, creats leader's brand; Implement ten billion strategy, strengthen it preferably, because it is great to work for the tendency; The company has people first, the enterprise groups of hospitable, devote, intelligence, performance; Make great efforts to make first-class enterprises.

The company seriously promises: The ex factory pass rate of the products is 100%, ten years of guarantee period; Satisfied as the criterion with the customer, the customer is right forever, it is better that there are the services only, do not have it best, serve and have no limits

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