Intelligent omnipotent circuit breaker

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Products summary

Series BRW1 intelligent omnipotent type circuit breaker used for controlling and protecting the low-voltage distribution network. Generally install and decide the switch to play a always protecting role in the low-voltage switch board. The circuit breaker in the specified electric current 630-6300A, the ones that can also function as the motor and does not frequently start are used. Products technical feature have already reached the advanced stage of the 1990s of products of the same type in the world.

Normal condition of work and installation condition
The circuit breaker can be - 5 ¡æ at the ambient air temperature- Run under 40 ¡æ terms ' Greater than 40 ¡æ comes 60 ¡æ) ;
The elevation of the installation site is less than 2000m;
The intersection of air and relative humidity of installation site exceed 50% when for 40 ¡æ maximum temperature; There can be higher relative humidity at the relatively low temperature, are for example up to 90% at 20 ¡æ, congeal and reveal to the intersection of temperature and whom change produce once in a while, should take the special measure;
The class of pollution is 3 grades;
Circuit breaker owe voltage take off person who buckle coil, the intersection of power transformer and elementary installation of coil in classification, the classification is that other auxiliary circuit, control circuit are installed;
The circuit breaker is suitable for electromagnetic environmental A;
Ship and the humid tropics type circuit breaker ability is influenced by moist air, salt fog and mould;
The ship type circuit breaker can work reliably when being shaken normally by the vessel;
The circuit breaker ability of 1E grade is influenced by environment of nuclear industry;
The circuit breaker should be installed according to the installation requirement of the operation instruction. The vertical gradient of the circuit breaker does not exceed 5& deg; ,The ship circuit breaker does not exceed 22.5& deg; ;
Circuit breaker should install in have, explode dangerous having conductive dust, having enough to corrode the metal and destroy insulating place;
The circuit breaker is installed in the cupboard body cab, and install the door frame additionally and protect the grade and reach IP40.

Structural characteristic

Fixed type and drawer type structure
Circuit breaker have fixed type and difference of drawer type, getting fixed circuit breaker noumenonn right away become the drawer type circuit breaker when being packed specialized the intersection of drawer and flat into. The noumenonn of the circuit breaker is touched the head system, kill the arc system, hold and move organization, electric current mutual inductor, intellectual controller and auxiliary switch, twice to inject one, owe pressing, assign to and encourage and take off parts such as the deducting device,etc. to make up; The drawer seat is made up of left and right sides, bases and crossbeams with guide,etc..
Touch the head system
Adopt, block, touch the intersection of head and system, in touch different position of head while being the same, touch the intersection of head and unit, have, touch function of hair mainly, also have arc function of touching the head; Adopt, able to bear touching the intersection of head and material arc while being new, make, it touches heads to be unlikely to generate heat and cause Wen ShengGao excessively behind not dividing into, breaking, shorting out electric current; Touching the head system adopts many ways to connect in parallel, reduce the electronic repulsion, raise the electronic stability of touching the head system.
Kill the arc room
There is one to kill the arc room each pole, its function is to separate every electrode, and insulating each other, isolate with other parts and attenbants of the circuit breaker; Kill the arc room to all put into insulating base of the circuit breaker, has increased the mechanical intensity of killing the arc room wall, it is unlikely to bomb while dividing breaking to short out in the electric current big to split.
Operating organization and manual, electronic actuator
The organization lies in front of the circuit breaker. Hold and move the organization and adopt taking off deducting the organization freely of five connecting rods, and design into and can store the form. In the course of using, the organization is always in can store the position in advance, so long as the circuit breaker receives and shuts the floodgate to order, the circuit breaker can be closed instantlied immediately. The release that can store in advance can be by can clear up the button or shutting the floodgate electro-magnet to finish manually. The electronic actuator establishes one's own system, storing can pass the port link joint of the concavo-convex wedge between axle and main shaft, it is convenient to hold and dismantle.
Drawer seat
The drawer seat is made up of left and right sides, bases and crossbeams with guide,etc., advance organizations on the base, and is equipped with the position instruction, is equipped with the auxiliary circuit quietly and isolated and touched the head above the drawer seat. The bridge type main return circuit touches the front of head and sets up the safe baffle. The movement of the noumenonn of the circuit breaker in the drawer seat has three & ldquo; Position & rdquo; . “ Connect & rdquo; Position: The main return circuit is put through with the auxiliary return circuit, the fender is opened at this moment; “ Test & rdquo; Position: The disconnection of main return circuit, the safe baffle is closed, only assist the return circuit to be put through and can carry on the essential movement test; “ Separate & rdquo; Position: All disconnection of main return circuit and auxiliary return circuit, the safe baffle is closed.

Choice of the intellectual controller
The intellectual controller divides three kinds of types functionally:
Model L electron type (electric current column reveals, set aside one to adjust) ,
M -type normal form (the digital display of electric current, the button is adjusted) ,
Communication type of Model H (the digital display of electric current, the button is adjusted and can communicate)

Products summary

The auspicious electric Co., Ltd. main management of wave of Shanghai, circuit breaker, isolate the switch, the on-load switch, intelligent omnipotent circuit breaker, on-load switch, the low pressure moulds the shell circuit breaker, the intelligent automatic change-over switch, high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker, leak electricity circuit breaker, isolate switch, six fluoride sulphur surround the intersection of network and the intersection of cupboard and intelligent omnipotent circuit breaker;

The wave auspicious electric Co., Ltd. of Shanghai one specializes in industry's electric products scientific research, produces, sells and serves as an organic whole scale enterprises, there are 80 staff now, engineers and technicians account for 30%, have disposed domestic most advanced production and checkout equipment, have set up national first-class level and pigeonholed the electric experimental centre.
The leading products are as follows, high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker, on-load switch, low pressure mould the shell circuit breaker, leak electricity circuit breaker, intelligent omnipotent circuit breaker, intelligent automatic change-over switch, isolating the switch,etc., the product design is scientific, perfect in workmanship, handsome in appearance, it is first-selected auxiliary products of construction of modern electric wire netting.
It is the assurance of winning the market to be high-quality, the auspicious people of wave will inherit & ldquo diligently; Develop industry through science and technology, quality create card, sincerity deal in, pursue being outstanding & rdquo; Enterprise aim,developments to devoted to industry electric apparatus with innovation.
Enterprises successively passed ISO9001: 2008 quality, Environment Management System are authorized, all kinds of products produced get 3C to authorize and authorize with CQC, and examine through the relevant authoritative organization.
The wave auspicious electric Co., Ltd. of Shanghai has been since established, the company has been keeping the good momentum of sound development all the time, the business performance is becoming more prosperous every day. In the face of the fierce market competition day by day, the company will further insist on & ldquo; Offer high-quality products and first-class one service for user & rdquo wholeheartedly; Service aim,scientific and technological without being strengthened constantly for input power, last industries national for revitalizing, make enormous contribution in order to promote the development of social economy.

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