BR-FBFN series SF6 on-load switch

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Products summary

The high-pressure SF6 on-load switch is the indoor switchgear of the specified voltage 12kV in the Model BR-FBFN family, adopt SF6 gas as killing the arc and insulating medium, including shutting the floodgate, dividing into floodgate and three earthing engineering locations, small, install the adaptable characteristic to environment easy to use.
Make high-pressure SF6 on-load switch and other electric apparatus components in Model BR-FBFN family up, realize control and protect the function. Can supply power as the industrial and mining enterprises and civilly and the control and protection of the transformer substation electric equipment two times one is used. Among them the on-load switch - fuse box makes electric apparatus and voltage transformer up and protects the characteristic to match, especially applicable to the unit of supplying power of the ring network.

High-pressure SF6 on-load switch and main return circuit part of the association electric apparatus are sealed in the insulating shell formed after it is poured that the epoxy resin adopts APG craft in BR-FBFN family, it is good and resisting advantage of filthy environment,etc. to have insulating ability.
It is SF6 that this on-load switch insulates and kills the arc medium. When the on-load switch divides the floodgate, under the function of magnetic field that the electric arc produces in the permanent magnet, produce and rotate and elongate, and cool under the function of SF6 gas and go out until zero passes in the electric current.
Spring of BR-FBFN speak, move organization, divide into, speak, move organization and A type, speak, move organization for K type, furnished with the intersection of Model K and spring, speak, move on-load switch of organization, use mainly for passing in and out the line control unit. Furnished with the Model A spring and hold the on-load switch which moves the organization - fuse box and make the electric apparatus up and is used mainly in the voltage transformer and protect the unit. (K organization - two engineering location divide-shut brake A organization - three engineering location divide-shut brake and earthing)
Normal environment for use

The temperature between a, ambient air: Have 40 ¡æ lower limit of the limit: -Temperature & le of 10 ¡ædaily average; 35 ¡æ
B, height above sea level are less than 1000m
The average on day of c, relative humidity is not greater than 95%, the monthly average is not greater than 90%
The steam of saturation per day presses & le; 2.2× 10Mpa moon average saturation steam presses & le; 1.8× 10Mpa
D, earthquake intensity do not exceed 8 degrees
E, ambient air are not obviously polluted corrosivity or flammable gas, vapor,etc.
F, having no fire, exploding in the dangerous and violent vibrant place
G, filthy grade: ¢ò
H, electromagnetism of reaction in system two times interfere with a amplitude and is less than 1.6kV.

Classification of the on-load switch

BR-BFN1-12 kills the arc medium: Air
BR-BFN2-12 kills the arc medium: Air
BR-VBFN1-25 kills the arc medium: Vacuum
BR-VBFN2-25 kills the arc medium: Vacuum
BR-FBFN1-36 kills the arc medium: Six sulphur fluoride
BR-FBFN2-36 kills the arc medium: Six sulphur fluoride

Products type form:

The auspicious electric Co., Ltd. main management of wave of Shanghai, circuit breaker, isolate the switch, the on-load switch, intelligent omnipotent circuit breaker, on-load switch, the low pressure moulds the shell circuit breaker, the intelligent automatic change-over switch, high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker, leak electricity circuit breaker, isolate switch, six fluoride sulphur surround the intersection of network and the intersection of cupboard and BR-FBFN series SF6 on-load switch;

The wave auspicious electric Co., Ltd. of Shanghai one specializes in industry's electric products scientific research, produces, sells and serves as an organic whole scale enterprises, there are 80 staff now, engineers and technicians account for 30%, have disposed domestic most advanced production and checkout equipment, have set up national first-class level and pigeonholed the electric experimental centre.
The leading products are as follows, high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker, on-load switch, low pressure mould the shell circuit breaker, leak electricity circuit breaker, intelligent omnipotent circuit breaker, intelligent automatic change-over switch, isolating the switch,etc., the product design is scientific, perfect in workmanship, handsome in appearance, it is first-selected auxiliary products of construction of modern electric wire netting.
It is the assurance of winning the market to be high-quality, the auspicious people of wave will inherit & ldquo diligently; Develop industry through science and technology, quality create card, sincerity deal in, pursue being outstanding & rdquo; Enterprise aim,developments to devoted to industry electric apparatus and innovation.
Enterprises successively passed ISO9001: 2008 quality, Environment Management System are authorized, all kinds of products produced get 3C to authorize and authorize with CQC, and examine through the relevant authoritative organization.
The wave auspicious electric Co., Ltd. of Shanghai has been since established, the company has been keeping the good momentum of sound development all the time, the business performance is becoming more prosperous every day. In the face of the fierce market competition day by day, the company will further insist on & ldquo; Offer high-quality products and first-class one service for user & rdquo wholeheartedly; Service aim,it is scientific and technological without being strengthened input power constantly, it strive industries national for revitalizing, make enormous contribution in order to promote the development of social economy.

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