GMC-100 exchanges the contactor

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Why one of the main products of electric apparatus Co., Ltd. will recommend GMC-100 to exchange the contactor for you below, it is the fairy of Leqing that GMC-100 exchanges the contactor. Our company cooperates with a plurality of producers, sell directly to households the real producer, GMC-100 exchanges the contactor use usage, you know if the serious one finishes seeing the ensuing chapters.

1,Applicable scope
  1. It is the newest products of the 1990s that b-1, LG exchange the contactor GMC-50.
  2. B-2, this series of products, in order to exchange 50Hz or 60Hz, amount insulating voltage 690-1000V, use classification lay amount at amount leave 380V on voltage, work in the electric current GMC-50 in AC-3.
  3. B-3, mainly for putting through and divide and break the using of circuit, is suitable for controlling and exchanging the starting of the motor, stopping and overturning remotelying. Accord with IEC60947-4-1, VDE0660, GB14048.4.

    2,Condition of work
    1. A-1 height above sea level exceed 2000 meters;
    2. The ambient temperature around a-2: -5 ¡æ- +40 ¡æ
    3. A-3 air relative humidity: Do not exceed 50% at 40 ¡æ, allow higher relative humidity at the relatively low temperature;
    4. A-4 atmospheric condition: The medium that will not cause the explosion to be dangerous, has not corroded metal and destroying insulating gas and conductive dust,etc. either;
    5. A-5 installs at the place where have not waved and assaulted notably and shaken;
    6. A-6 installs at the place where there is no sleet to attack;
    7. A-7 controls the voltage to allow change range: 80%- 110%Us.

      Structural characteristic
      1. C-1 ensemble architecture contactor moves in the organization for one pair of moving type of breaking some ones that touches the head directlies, have three to often opening and mainly touching the head, there can be two to often open to touch the head auxiliarily, two is often closed.
      2. C-2, contactor touch the head and support one to adopt the connection of the elastic lock catch, has dispelled the weak link with armature.
      3. C-3, movement organization are flexible, it is convenient to check manually, the structural design is compact, can prevent external thing and dust from falling into and moving the position, the end of wiring defends covering, the hand can not contact the electrification position directly. The contactor is small and exquisite in external dimension, it is small to install the area.
      4. Install the way
      5. D-1, can install with conductive guide, can also fasten with the screw, compared with other like products, operate the frequency and control the capacity higher. Security of the products, dependability are good, it is various internationally advanced contactors machine.
      6. D-2, touching the head system main and touching the head material and is made up of silver alloy with superior electric performance auxiliarily, have having long performance life and good contact dependability. Kill the arc room and present the closing type, and there is fire-retardant type material that stops the splash outward of electric arc, Ie≤ 22A has not killed arcly and separated the arc board. Ie≤ 22A contain metal through arc board, guarantee personal close to security of the electric apparatusing.
      7. D-4, wiring screw are adopted newly promoting the screw, the tile shape cushion does not separate with the screw and can save the time spent of wiring.
      8. The electromagnetic system work of d-5, magnetic system is reliable, losses littly, the noise is low, have very high mechanical intensity, carry the marking plate equipped with voltage specification in wiring of the coil, the voltage grade of the marking plate scribbles and has particular colors, clear and striking, it is convenient to wire, can avoid that because connect the voltage specification by mistake and cause the coil to burn.
        Our company products sell the whole country, there are 34 provincial administrative areas [1 ] in common ' Among them: 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government, 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 2 special administrative regions) ,333 piece region administrative division unit ( Among them: 283 prefecture-level cities, 17 areas, 30 automonous prefectures, 3 alliances) ,2856 piece at county level administrative division unit ' Among them: 853 areas under the jurisdiction of the municipal government, 370 county-level cities, 1461 counties, 117 autonomous counties, 49 flags, 3 automonous banners, 2 special zones, a forest zone) ,40906 township grades of administrative division unit (among them: 2 the intersection of district and common, 6923 street, 19410 town, 13379 township, 1095 nationality township, 96 wood, 1 the people Su? ? ? Su Mu) .
        Why main agent of Co., Ltd. of electric apparatus sell the fairy of Leqing: Snide, Siemens, LS produces the electricity, ABB, Changshu switch, the people in Shanghai, Omron, Mitsubishi, the electromechanics of intellectual circles, Japanese Fuji, the platform is fitted,etc. a plurality of brands hand in the direct-flow contactor, low-voltage electric apparatuses such as circuit breaker, the relay,etc..
        Saling hot line: 0577-62768609,Mobile phone; 13567769895 , Q Q : 718741913

        Why main management of electric apparatus limited company efficacious in town of willow of Wenzhou, the contactor, circuit breaker, hand in the direct-flow contactor, the relay, circuit breaker, wait for low-voltage electric apparatus and electric apparatus component. GMC-100 exchanges the contactor;

        Why electric apparatuses Wenzhou willow town is clever insist on Co., Ltd. with " Based on sincerity, quality first, price are reasonable " Management theory,insist on"customer first " Principle offer high-quality services to the masses of customers. Cordial to welcome the friends from all walks of life to negotiate the business!

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