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The honest properties of product in Xinxiang:

Produce in the unit: Honest in Xinxiang
Color: Subject color: RAL7035 mounting plate: Zinc-plated board ' White 2.5mm)
The body of case adopts the high-quality specialized three direct links to weld, the structure is firm and reliable, the appearance is graceful
Door plant from bottom flange to the intersection of ground and 25mm, furnished with, separate the intersection of 25mm and piece of round holes each time at the long square frame that fix on door plant, not only strengthen the intensity of the door plant, can also be used for installing the component of the electric apparatus.
Unless unless last unit mounting plate, move from beginning to end, regulate depth,type last holes and holes (cooperate to install and use) square round 25mm in material It is very convenient and swift to make inside install and fix the instrument
Gush out and mould the apparatus to process full-automatically. It is locked at three o'clock in addition, lock poorly in the fork, guarantee the cabinet is sealed, protects the grade IP56
Can customize various specification size and hold the hole change according to customer's request
The surface is dealt with: Go oil, pickle phosphorus, electric the intersection of swimming and priming paint, or stainless steel wire drawing
Material: High-quality cold-rolled stencil plate or SUS304 stainless steel, the thick 1.5mm mounting plate 2.5mm of body of thick 2.0mm case of the door

Craft characteristic:
Install the fillet, has already opened the fillet easy to assemble the hole to weld on both sides of the case door directly, use M4 self-tapping screw;
Seal and enclose, use the polyurethane to foam and seal the assurance IP grade that the adhesive tape can be very good;
The door opens the angle 130& deg the most largely; ;
By the trough type case, prevent water and dust from entering the case within the body;
The bottom seals the board and furnished with sealing enclosing, guarantee IP grade;

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The honest lamps and lanterns Co., Ltd. of resisting shock main management of Xinxiang, power distribution box, switch board, resist shock and throw all light, it is honest to imitate the picture cupboard of the impressive strength and imitate specialized majestic picture switch board manufacturer of electric switch board of impressive strength picture - Xinxiang;

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