A preface electric current mutual inductor Shaanxi of LXK-180 opened electric equipment Co., Ltd. 15829930373 high

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Originally type divide it for the two halves, pour into a half round with the resin, then connect by clamping the hoop. Can divide mutual inductor into the two halves while installing, then merge into an organic whole, it is extremely convenient to install. This serial regular types are as follows, LXK-φ 80,LXK-φ 100,LXK-φ 120,LXK-φ 150,LXK-φ 180.

Shaanxi opened main management of electric equipment Co., Ltd., the arrester, voltage mutual inductor high, the mutual inductor of the electric current, high-pressure mutual inductor, the mutual inductor of the electric current, voltage mutual inductor, sectional mutual inductor, measure the case under high pressure, a high-pressure arrester LXK-180 a preface electric current mutual inductor Shaanxi opens electric equipment Co., Ltd. 15829930373 high;

Shaanxi high to turn on in electric group Co., Ltd. ' Original high-pressure switch factory of Shaanxi) It is one that has the professional state-run enterprise which make the high-pressure power transmission and transforming equipment for more than 50 years, integrated with world for the excellent situation that incorporated into development of western regions, after our company carried on the shareholding system reform in 1999, the companies all make the good result in such aspects as new product development, production and sales achievement, popularity is improving constantly, become the outstanding one in the domestic electric trade. The company is located in Xi'an of ancient city, it is one that are collected and researched and developed, production, sells the integrated factory. The strict modernization is managed, scientific production and management, consummate production technology, advanced production equipment, offer the good condition for producing the high-quality products. Turn on electric equipment Co., Ltd. and pay attention to quality and service very much high in Shaanxi, the products are tested from production to dispatch from the factory measuring, to transportation,etc., carry out strictly, there are special superintendent offices. We implement the prompt, thoughtful, high-quality after-sale service to users, from the day when the products reach users, guarantee to assist users to install, debug the products within quality guarantee period, thus guarantee the normal running of the apparatus. Leading products including 0.4-220kV level pigeonhole the complete sets of switch cupboard, electric voltage transformer, high-pressure mutual inductor, vacuum circuit breaker, sulphur circuit breaker of six fluoride, isolate switch, high-pressure on-load switch, high-pressure fuse box, oxidize the zinc arrester, TBP sectional overvoltage protecting device, subdue the device in harmony, wall bushing under high pressure under high pressure, electric voltage products such as vacuum bubbles,etc..

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