GTS a pair of power switches over the switch automatically

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Products summary
With the development of society, people's requirements for power supply reliability are higher and higher. The dependability that a lot of occasions guarantee to supply power with power of No. two, this needs a kind of device that can be switched over reliably between the power of No. two. GTS series intelligence a pair of power switches over the switch born to it automatically. This product hauls oneself willingly into replying, hauling oneself willingly into from replying and electric wire netting - full-automatic generator three kinds of switch functions, virtual value and phase place of three-phase voltage of the power of No. two of supplying power to the three-phase Line four electric wire netting are measured in real time, happen, pigeonhole, owe, press as phase any ' Including lacking the looks) Can switch over from unusual power to the normal power automatically; The products used for electric wire netting - full-automatic electricity generation system can be sent out and started the generator signal, a kind of performance is complete, the safe and reliable, intelligent intensity high, engineering level easy to operate reaches and leads competence, uses the pairs of power control system products in extensive range at home.

Applicable scope
GTS the intersection of series and intelligent pair of power switch over the switch automatically ' Abbreviated as ATS) Suitable for the working voltage of amount and exchange 400V, the urgent electric power system of the frequency 50/60HZ. It is designed that two is broken type, movements are faster, are used mainly in the important place where hospital, store, bank, chemical industry, metallurgy, skyscraper, military installations and fire control facility,etc. do not allow to cut out. This product accords with GB/T14048.11-2002, IEC60947-6-1 " automatic change-over switch electric apparatus " standard, it also accord with " it is high-story civil building norm of firing prevention ", " the architectural design norm of firing prevention ", "meet an urgent need illumination last guide", " the civil building design specifications electric ",etc..
Series of products this will jump and take off leading to the fact the trouble is expanded by the intersection of CB grade and overload of product, make the products accord with " low-voltage distribution design specification ", " electric design specification of civil building ", " design specification of the skyscraper ",etc. and employ the requirement further.

The high electricity in Nanjing country manages the general item to manage of the voltage transformer mainly: Electric apparatus, electronic product, communication apparatus, project mechanical equipment, computer software, embedded software, multimedia network develop, produce, sell; Construction, installation of network project, power engineering, mechanical engineering. GTS a pair of power switches over the switch automatically;

High electric automatic Co., Ltd. of Nanjing country the speciality researches and develops, produces, sells the enterprises of the electricity, industrial automation products. With management theory and rich resource capability of the high-quality, high service, have gathered a number of high-quality and experienced research and development, specialized personnel of production, sale. Have high-standard quality management system and full-automatic mechanical equipment, mix with the fine imported material, DCM600 serial intellectual distribution systems produced, GMP800 transformer substation computer protects the control system, GMP700 factory protects system,etc. to guarantee quality accords with the international standard with the computer, it suitable for products electricity, traffic, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, medical treatment,etc. trade.
It is followed all the time that the country is high " high-standard, produce the precise product " Principle,sell well products both at home and abroad,endless without being opened up,sincere forever. The company follows the step of the electronic technology in the international peak closely, stride forward progressively, and set up fine service network progressively. Offer the most reliable products to the masses of users!

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