GCP CT electric current protector of side two times

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Products summary
Originally the protecting device is used mainly in side two times of mutual inductor of electric current to protect because of various overvoltage that unusually cause. And this protecting device is connected to both ends of the winding two times of mutual inductor of electric current, let out the electric current minimumly at the time of normal running, present and hinder the state high. Because of leaking the minima of electric current ' Smaller than 1mA) ,The influence that protect movement value to this return circuit and the watch counts the accurate precision is totally ignored. The control circuit of the protecting device does not work at this moment. Open a way in return circuit two times of mutual inductor of electric current or when once side group has become abnormal and flowed, the voltage produced in winding two times is higher than the voltage of normal running, (its number value depends on electric current own parameter and operating mode of running of mutual inductor) ,GCP series protecting device can be confined while emerging in overvoltage to 50ns effectively, thus prevent voltage from endanger and short out, erupt light simultaneously, brief two winding on reliable completely, offer one group to lock the differential telesignalling joint at the same time. After the trouble clearing, reset, can reuse it, the intersection of movement and life-span can reach Wan, take second place more. The trouble that avoids protecting movements, changes the protecting device, it is more convenient to run. This protecting device is suitable for one to 12 CT overvoltage protecting devices of the winding two times, protect return circuit two times of mutual inductor of electric current.

Product series
This series of products can be divided into several series followingly on the basis of the their functions:
GCP-1, GCP-3, GCP-4, GCP-6, GCP-9, GCP-12

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