PVC electric wire twines the membrane

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PVC electric wire membrane:

PVC electric wire membrane (wind the line membrane) It is twining the membrane of a kind of special specification, his width is generally relatively narrow, the commonly used one has 6, 8, 10, 12, 20CM, the thickness is 0.03MM, come to twine the electric wire cable dailily, can also twine the small things. This product is absorbed and produced from the viscidity with the static, so he will not produce the secondary pollution to the products packed, because the characterized high transparency of the products, can make and is packed the products more beautiful at the same time. This product is used in the electric wire extensively, have not cabled, rubber tubed, steel tubed, various finish machining cylindered, the mechanical equipment, five metals fittings, furniture, building and ornament materials, sports shoes, spun fields such as cloth,etc.. (this information is effective for a long time, this factory director supplies one)

Horse's electric wire cable of millowner's camp of cable packing materials of electric wire of the strength of Foshan, the electric cable PVC packs the membrane, PVC machine uses the membrane, the refractory cloud master tape, the polyester is taken, CPP twines the membrane around the band PVC electric wire;

The strength of Foshan horse's electric wire cable packs the material factory and lies in two new industrial areas of urban area of the deep meditation in Foshan, it is a professional factory producing advanced electric wire cable packing materials. We have first-class technical staff and advanced production equipment and production technology, and is furnished with the first-class checkout equipment and enter the support of diligent and the masses of customers for many years constantly, have already become an electric wire cable material manufacturer with certain popularity now. The main products are as follows, PVC packs the membrane, the PVC machine uses the membrane, the refractory cloud master tape, the polyester is taken, CPP winds cable packing materials of electric wire such as the band,etc.. Products of our factory have difficult aging brittle rupture characteristic for a long time, suitable for the intersection of electric wire and the intersection of cable and remote transportation and the intersection of climatic change and larger place especially. Our factory will be with fine products, reasonable price and best service, to meet the masses of customers' demands, we welcome your coming over guidance and sending a telegram or a letter here to negotiate at any time.

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