GCK switch cupboard status display and controlling the device

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Products summary
The GCK series switch cupboard state intelligent display appearance is used many kinds of switch cupboards of putting the cupboard, handcart cupboard, fixing the cupboard, ring network cupboard etc. in 3-5KV family. Possess return circuit simulation drawing once, the electrification display, heating and dehumidifying controller, state pointing out, energy storage, earthing switch instruction of divide-shut brake of circuit breaker automatically, car position point out and three phases touch head temperature point out and cable put up connect temperature point out and two the intersection of return circuit and the intersection of voltage and number value reveal, light in the human reaction cupboard, the intellectual pronunciation is defended by mistake, electrification suggestion, instruction of return circuit of divide-shut brake, the pre- divide-shut brake glimmers in pointing out, voltage, electric current, active power, inactive power, power factor, frequency measuring and RS 485 communication interface,etc., more traditional installation way of this series of products reveals ocular, easy and simple to handle, abundant information, the advantage such as being good of the man-machine interface, tired and preventing misoperation from having prominent results to relieving operators in the heart.

Characteristic of the products
Intelligent: Adopt DSP to control, compared with regular switch cupboard status display appearance, have increased many kinds of intelligent functions.
For instance: Can judge whether the switch car is in experimental position and job position or combined outside body of cupboard
Instruct voltage, electric current, power, electricity degree, temperature, humidity revealing, pronunciation to defend pointing out and overheated by mistake
Functions such as alarm,etc..
Customize: But customized once picture for user, not merely offer daily products for users to choose, not according to users at the same time yet
With the demand, make different function associations to measure.
It is high and reliable: Adopt one grade of electronic elements of industry, have high, longe-lived, such characteristics as the ability to resist interference is strong of dependability.

The high electricity in Nanjing country manages the general item to manage of the voltage transformer mainly: Electric apparatus, electronic product, communication apparatus, project mechanical equipment, computer software, embedded software, multimedia network develop, produce, sell; Construction, installation of network project, power engineering, mechanical engineering. GCK switch cupboard status display and controlling the device;

High electric automatic Co., Ltd. of Nanjing country the speciality researches and develops, produces, sells the enterprises of the electricity, industrial automation products. With management theory and rich resource capability of the high-quality, high service, have gathered a number of high-quality and experienced research and development, specialized personnel of production, sale. Have high-standard quality management system and full-automatic mechanical equipment, mix with the fine imported material, DCM600 serial intellectual distribution systems produced, GMP800 transformer substation computer protects the control system, GMP700 factory protects system,etc. to guarantee quality accords with the international standard with the computer, it suitable for products electricity, traffic, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, medical treatment,etc. trade.
It is followed all the time that the country is high " high-standard, produce the precise product " Principle,sell well products both at home and abroad, endless to open up, sincere forever. The company follows the step of the electronic technology in the international peak closely, stride forward progressively, and set up fine service network progressively. Offer the most reliable products to the masses of users!

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