GSP serial low-voltage waves well up the protecting device

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GSP serial low-voltage waves well up the protecting device and can be divided into GSPD low-voltage power wave and welled up the protecting device on the basis of the protection target, GSPC RS485 interface protects the Ethernet interface of module, GSPE RJ45 and protects the audio frequency interface of module, GSPT RJ11 and protects the module, among them GSPD low-voltage power wave wells up the protecting device and suitable for exchanging 50HZ/60HZ, electric power systems such as TT, TN-S, TN-C, IT of the working voltage 220V/380V of amount,etc. and low-voltage motive force and control system of the factory, this series of products can be in the shortest time ' Receive the force of second) Will be protected in the circuit in the electric potential system of inserting etc. inside, will enable electric potential such as apparatus every port, release a large number of pulse electric current caused by and the reaction of thunder and lightning on circuit at the same time, discharge its short circuit to the earth, reduce the electric potential difference of apparatus every port, can inhibit the reaction voltage and voltage of system operation caused by indirect thunder and lightning and direct thunder and lightning extremely effectively, protect the apparatus security, ensure systematic normal running. The products are mainly suitable for fields such as house, the tertiary industry and industrial and mining enterprises,etc., and accord with: GB18802, 1-2002, IEC61643-1, 1998, GB-50057-2000 standard that " the building defend the thunder design specification ".

1,The power wave is welled up
Product performance
The reliable heat takes off and deducts protectors
The GSP series wave wells up the protecting device and adopts the advanced low temperature to weld the production technology, the built-in trouble disconnects the device permanently, have extremely high safe reliability. Act as and protect
The protecting device suffers it to the large electric current while assaulting and destroying, can separate and take off deducting rapidly, the connections of disconnection and power, avoid and the trouble caused that the chip is overheated.
The wave wells up recognition technology
Place in module and discern the switch, this switch can discern waves are welled up, in often holding state while working normally, only 5ns closes when welling up the wave.
This switch can prevent leaking and flowing to delay the component to wear out, improve the life of product.
The response time is fast
The response time is less than 5ns.

The high electricity in Nanjing country manages the general item to manage of the voltage transformer mainly: Electric apparatus, electronic product, communication apparatus, project mechanical equipment, computer software, embedded software, multimedia network develop, produce, sell; Construction, installation of network project, power engineering, mechanical engineering. GSP serial low-voltage waves well up the protecting device;

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