GMS800 computer monitoring system

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With the high-speed development of the electric automated system, on-the-spot the intersection of requirement for monitoring system of the electric wire netting and more and more high the intersection of distribution and too in gather by simple the intersection of transformer substation and data function of monitoring system, reveal, simple again treatment is turned to the overall control to nobody's distribution scene on duty, carrying on analysis, electric energy and gathering the system etc. and incorporating in the monitoring system of the distribution to the electric wire netting data that are gathered. Nanjing country develops to a new generation suitable for the automated system of the distribution high-level distribution monitoring system & mdash high under this demand; — GMS-800. A lot of advanced technology of it has already been accepted by the masses of users. Such as large-scale variable capacity system, outstanding figure editting function, complete database system, friendly man-machine interface, strong SCADA function,etc..

1. Software environment
The software runs in windows operating system, including windows series operating systems such as windows98, windows NT, windows2000,etc.. The software is developed the system, operated the system, engineering management device and information window etc. to make up. If develop system use apparatus for. The usable GMS-800 abundant cartoon connects attribute and makes extremely complicated and beautiful cartoon picture in developing the system; Utilize its script language to write users' self-defining function; And can exploit the function offered by GMS-800 and visit the database, pay scientific caculation, visit the outside procedure etc.; Can exploit functions such as report form, curve, prescription,etc. offered by GMS-800 and make user's own report form and load curve etc.; Can also insert ActiveX controlling part that users made and exchange the data with GMS-800; It is for the browser procedure the network to browse through to release the picture in the form of web. The system runs according to user's definition and disposition in developing the system to run, gather user's on-the-spot apparatus information automatically, respond to users' operational order and release controlling the order to the on-the-spot apparatus, call the police and differentiate the data conveyed, and send the data gathered to the database server
2. The hardware is supported
GMS-800 support several hundred various the intersection of hardware and apparatus at present, various the intersection of board and Carlos, instrument, plc,etc. that prevail at present can be found in the driver tabulation of GMS-800. Including the protection apparatuses of companies such as commonly used Siemens, ABB,etc. on electricity at present.
GMS-800 supports various daily electric communication stipulations, for instance the department issues electric stipulations such as CDT stipulations, POLLING, 1801, 101, DNP,etc..
GMS-800 operates a kind of configuration software on Windows98/NT/2000, all procedures are compiling with C/C ++ language. Suitable for:
1]Microcomputers and compatibles surging forward more than of PIII500;
2]VGA, SVGA or adapter of any figure to support desk-top operating system. Demand to reveal 256 colors at least.
3]Mouse: Any PC compatible mouse.
4]Communication: RS232C.
5]Memory at least 64M, recommends 128M.
GMS-800 system adopts the way in which the real-time database combines with commercial database in order to meet and controls and makes interconnected system to real-time character of the data and standard double requirement, real-time data and historical data that the system keeps are all preserved according to the standard, support SQL language to inquire, data interface totally opened.
GMS-800 is totally concept based on network, it is a kind of real customer & mdash; The server mode, support distributed historical database and distributed warning system, support TCP/IP agreement. The network structure of GMS-800 is a kind of flexible structure, can distribute the whole application program to a plurality of servers, the variable that can quote the long-range website gets here [reveal, calculate etc. ], improve the whole capacity of the project and improve systematic function. GMS-800 what system include control the whole piece, adopt facing the intersection of target and visual C ++ the intersection of programming and tool most advanced all, application software window standards produced, upgrade convenience.

3.Systematic capacity, performance and dependability index
1.Systematic capacity
The systematic total capacity can be divided into 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, a bit more limitless. It's time for and counting includes analog quantity [YC ], state quantity [YX ], pulse quantity [YM ], remote control quantity [YK ], adjusting amount [YT ], calculating amount, middle variable at a distance
Save the capacity with database, file record material: Historical database can set up, keep cycle is minimum to lower than 1Min by oneself according to actual requirement. The record is kept to the hard disk in real time to shift. The save of all data can exist to the CD too, and can hold and make data analysis systematically.

2. Systematic function
1.The data are upgraded
Important telemetering measurement upgrades cycle & lt; 1S
General telemetering measurement upgrades cycle & lt; 2S
Secondary telemetering measurement upgrades cycle & lt; 3S
The real-time data of the whole system scan cycle & lt; 3S
2.Telesignalling shifts and conveys cycle & lt at the time of the accident; 2S
3.The accident pushes the picture time & lt; 2S
4.Record [SOE ] the station a resolution ratio & lt in accident order; 20MS
5.Remote control adjusts the order and conveys time & lt at a distance; 1S
6.Electric energy broadcasts and freezes and reads magnitude cycle & lt; 1MIN
7.Transfer & lt of response time in picture; 1S
8.Transfer the data and break cycle & lt in picture; 2S
9.Deal with the correct rate in telesignalling: 99.99%
The correct rate of 10 remote control [adjust ]: 100%

3. Dependability index
1.Annual availability & gt of end system of main website; 99.99%
2.There is no fault time MTBF> in the end of main website; 35000 hours
3.CPU load rate
Normal & lt of electric wire netting; 36.5%
Accident & lt of electric wire netting; 65%

The high electricity in Nanjing country manages the general item to manage of the voltage transformer mainly: Electric apparatus, electronic product, communication apparatus, project mechanical equipment, computer software, embedded software, multimedia network develop, produce, sell; Construction, installation of network project, power engineering, mechanical engineering. GMS800 computer monitoring system;

High electric automatic Co., Ltd. of Nanjing country the speciality researches and develops, produces, sells the enterprises of the electricity, industrial automation products. With management theory and rich resource capability of the high-quality, high service, have gathered a number of high-quality and experienced research and development, specialized personnel of production, sale. Have high-standard quality management system and full-automatic mechanical equipment, mix with the fine imported material, DCM600 serial intellectual distribution systems produced, GMP800 transformer substation computer protects the control system, GMP700 factory protects system,etc. to guarantee quality accords with the international standard with the computer, it suitable for products electricity, traffic, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, medical treatment,etc. trade.
It is followed all the time that the country is high " high-standard, produce the precise product " Principle,unless sell well both at home and abroad products, endless when opening up, sincere forever. The company follows the step of the electronic technology in the international peak closely, stride forward progressively, and set up fine service network progressively. Offer the most reliable products to the masses of users!

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