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CM1-63H/3300 has Sri Lankan's electric apparatus specialities that sells Changshu circuit breaker ----The price is favourable! Unless it is original packaging stock, complete in type,fast offer quality assurance is credible,

CM1-63H/3300 circuit breaker shorts out and divides and gives up ability (Icu) according to its specified limit Level, C type ( Basic model) , L type ( Normal form) , M type ( Relatively breaking type of the high score) , H type ( Breaking type of the high score) Four kinds. Circuit breaker this have small, assign to and break high, fly arc and short ' Some specifications and zero fly arcly) , characteristic of resisting and shaking etc., has and passed the condition of nuclear industry (1E grade) Test and the test of the shipping condition, it can be used in the products in the nuclear industrial base to become only in the domestic products, it is the land and ideal products which the vessel used even more.
Applicable scope
CM1 serial plastic outer cover type circuit breakers ' Hereafter referred to as the circuit breaker) ,It is our company that adopts international advanced design, the manufacturing technology is developed, one of the new circuit breakers developed. The insulating voltage of its amount is 800V, are suitable for exchanging 50Hz/60Hz, the working voltage 690V and following of amount, (CM1-63 is 400V) ,The specified electric current is done in the circuit of 800A and does not frequently change and the motor is protected (CM1-800 have no protecting type of motor) It uses. The circuit breaker has year, shorts out and owes the voltage and protects the function, can protect circuit and power apparatus from being damaged.
CM1-63L/3300. CM1-63M/3300. CM1-63H/3300. CM1-63/4300B.CM1-63L/3310. CM1-63M/3310. CM1-63H/3300. CM1-63/4310B.CM1-63L/3320. CM1-63M/3320. CM1-63H/3320. CM1-63/4320B.CM1-63L/3330. CM1-63M/3330. CM1-63H/3330. CM1-63/4330B.CM1-63L/3340. CM1-63M/3340. CM1-63H/3340. CM1-63/4340B.
CM1-63L/3350. CM1-63M/3350. CM1-63H/3350. CM1-63/4350B. CM1-63L/3360. CM1-63M/3360. CM1-63H/3360. CM1-63/4360B. CM1-63L/3370. CM1-63M/3370. CM1-63H/3370. CM1-63/4370B.CM1-63L/3308. CM1-63M/3308. CM1-63H/3308. CM1-63/4308B.CM1-63L/33002.CM1-63M/33002.CM1-63H/33002.CM1-63/43002B.

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Purchase low-voltage electric apparatus, select, Wenzhou have the intersection of Co., Ltd. and the intersection of price and the intersection of advantage and quality, electric apparatus of Sri Lankan, guarantee a large number of whom product spend, 3C of stock, rest assured about the professional agent; Brand and model: A large number of stock brands and models of original packaging normal product: CM1 series Changshu circuit breaker switch.
Sri Lankan pursues success with you together!

Happy? ? ? There is millowner's camp of electric apparatus of Sri Lankan in the willow city of the city, the contactor, circuit breaker, low-voltage electric apparatus, produce and exchange the contactor, circuit breaker, hot relay, low-voltage electric apparatus switch CM1-63H/3300 Changshu supply;

The willow city of Leqing has electrical apparatus factories of Sri Lankan that insists on Israel " Based on sincerity, quality first, price are reasonable " Management theory,insist on"customer first " Principle offer high-quality services to the masses of customers. Cordial to welcome the friends from all walks of life to negotiate the business!

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