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Changshu switch circuit breaker mainly installs and decides the switch in the low-voltage switch board, used for controlling and protecting the distribution network. Its technical feature has reached the advanced stage of the 1990s of the like product in the world. Accord with IEC947-2, GB14048.2 " low-voltage circuit breaker " standard.
Applicable scope
CM1 serial plastic outer cover type circuit breakers ' Hereafter referred to as the circuit breaker) ,It is our company that adopts international advanced design, the manufacturing technology is developed, one of the new circuit breakers developed. The insulating voltage of its amount is 800V, are suitable for exchanging 50Hz/60Hz, the working voltage 690V and following of amount, (CM1-63 is 400V) ,The specified electric current is done in the circuit of 800A and does not frequently change and the motor is protected (CM1-800 have no protecting type of motor) It uses. The circuit breaker has year, shorts out and owes the voltage and protects the function, can protect circuit and power apparatus from being damaged. The circuit breaker shorts out and divides and gives up ability (Icu) according to its specified limit Level, C type ( Basic model) , L type ( Normal form) , M type ( Relatively breaking type of the high score) , H type ( Breaking type of the high score) Four kinds. Circuit breaker this have small, assign to and break high, fly arc and short ' Some specifications and zero fly arcly) , characteristic of resisting and shaking etc., has and passed the condition of nuclear industry (1E grade) Test and the test of the shipping condition, it can be used in the products in the nuclear industrial base to become only in the domestic products, it is the land and ideal products which the vessel used even more.
Service condition
The ambient air temperature is - 5& deg; C- + 40° C, and the average of 24h does not exceed + 35& deg; C (except special order) ;
The elevation of the installation site is less than 2000m;
The air relative humidity is + 40& deg in the maximum temperature; C does not exceed 50% hour; There can be higher relative humidity at the relatively low temperature, the average minimum temperature of moon of the wettest moon does not exceed + 25& deg; C, the average most loud relative humidity of moon of these month does not less than 90%, and consider taking place and congealing and revealing on surface of the products because of the temperature change;
The class of pollution is 3 grades.
Choice of the intellectual controller
The intellectual controller is divided into the following three: Electron type, normal form, communication type.
Basic function
The overload delays time to protect against the time limit long; Short out and delay time to protect against the time limit short; Short out short and delay time and fix the time limit to protect; Short out and protect instantly; The earthing trouble protects the function; Exactly make the function; Warning function of the overload; Experimental function; The electric current reveals the function; Diagnose the function by oneself; Hot simulation function; Memory function of the trouble; Touching the head losses the instruction; MCR function;
Chosen the function ' Users choose while ordering according to the need) The voltage reveals the function; Support and control the function;
The communication type controller realizes that transmits every function parameter bidirectionally through RS485, the communication protocol consults with enterprise according to enterprise's regulation or user.
Brief introduction of structural characteristic
Touch the head system
Every phase touch head, install in insulating cab. Touching the head system adopts many one to touch inertia that the head connect the formal structure in parallel, decrease touches the head system, have guaranteed the high score of the circuit breaker gives up ability.
Operating organization
Install in the middle of the circuit breaker, isolate from main circuit; The circuit breaker can store by the spring the mechanism is paid and close cooperation, it is fast to close. The operating organization can store, close, break electronically and manually.
All attachment whole series are common.
Drawer seat
Wave the handle on the drawer stand underpart crossbeam, can realize three job positions (there are positions that point out by handle) of the circuit breaker ;
“ Connect & rdquo; Position: The main return circuit is put through with return circuit two times, the fender is opened at this moment;
“ Test & rdquo; Position: Disconnection of main return circuit. And is closed and separates by the insulating fender, only return circuit two times is put through. Can carry on the essential movement test;
“ Separate & rdquo; Position: Main return circuit and return circuit two times and all disconnection, the fender is closed at this moment;
The drawer type circuit breaker has reliable mechanical interlock, could make the circuit breaker close while connecting position and experimental position only;
Is the circuit breaker 47? ? Return circuit two times wires the end son;
The same specified drawer type circuit breaker of electric current ' Including noumenonn and drawer seat) Have interchangeability.
Our products are suitable for the machine factory, the mechanical & electrical equipment factory, electronic electrician's power industry, water industry, textile industry, the steel trade, chemical plant, the industry in environment protecting mode, form a complete set in the factory, Ann defends, new energy, advanced automation,etc., so long as you have a need connection, we, the speciality is only to meet your needs!

There is millowner's camp of electric apparatus of Sri Lankan, the contactor, circuit breaker, low-voltage electric apparatus in the willow city of Leqing, produce and exchange the contactor, the circuit breaker, hot relay, the quotation of the low-voltage electric apparatus domestic CM1-63/4300;

The willow city of Leqing has electrical apparatus factories of Sri Lankan that insists on Israel " Based on sincerity, quality first, price are reasonable " Management theory,insist on"customer first " Principle offer high-quality services to the masses of customers. Cordial to welcome the friends from all walks of life to negotiate the business!

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