Mountain special UPS power K500-Pro of Shenyang

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The name of product: Mountain special UPS power of Shenyang
The type of the products: K500-Pro
The characteristic of the products:
Steady voltage is exported
K500/1000-Pro UPS is Knight(K) The products of new generation of serial families. It specially accuses of products user's designing to personal PC, small-scale work station and worker, automatic steady voltage outputs the function, can strain effectively except that all kinds of electricity is interfered with.
Superior manufacturing process
The international leading SMD surface sticks to the application holding technology and CPU integrated control technology, make the performance of K500/1000-Pro UPS more reliable. Can have question more electric to all kinds of ' Cut out, short out, overload, level pigeonhole, dash for ward wave) Deal with accurately, reliably, offer all-round protection for load.
The independent one prevents the wave from welling up and protecting the socket
Not only protect PC, but also can provide the power for relevant peripheral hardware such as printer, router, scanner, Modem to prevent the wave from welling up and protecting.
Start the machine automatically
The electricity cuts off in the city, UPS discharges under the battery mode to shut down; When the electricity resumes in the city, UPS can start the machine automatically, helps the power under nobody's situation on duty managed.
Humanized design
Ultra squelch muting is designed, return a quiet working environment to you.
Wide voltage / frequency is input
The voltage of K500/1000-Pro UPS inputs the range in 162VAC- 268VAC, frequency range 45Hz- 55Hz, offers the reliable, steady power to export. Can match the use of generator even more. (other like products do not usually possess such wide input range)
Self-checking function of starting the machine
While starting the machine, the simulation outage state that can be automatic, go on examining in going against becoming device, battery, and make the accurate, reliable judgement and promote the security supported in an all-round way.
More convenient function of management
The panel is succinct, easy to operate;
Possess direct current, start the machine function, whenever and wherever possible, facilitate your use;
High-quality battery, the electricity is lasting, reliable, can offer abundant reserve time.

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