Apply the brake resistance box

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Made up by the ripple resistor, the appearance was elegant in appearance, installation was convenient, have good security and heat-dissipating ability, the unit is used together with applying the brake, the energy consumption used in the high-power frequency converter applies the brake, can also support as the simulation of all kinds of powerful devices.

First, employ the occasion

Relatively the frequency conversion energy consumption of high-power applies the brake in the lift, tower crane, hoist, lifting machine, bringing conveyer, oil field kowtowing machine.

The auspicious cloud Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen manages the low-voltage electric apparatus, the frequency converter of the resistor mainly, apply the brake resistance, unit of applying the brake, wave filter, reactor apply the brake resistance box;

Shenzhen auspicious cloud Electronics Co., Ltd. with engaged in the intersection of Best and product development, produce, sell for the integrative specialized company. The company has been since established, been providing Best for customer and repaying the unit in a manner to sell in batches and retail all the time, apply the brake Entrance, apply the brake resistance, wave filter, reactor and agency sell the relevant automatic products. The products that the company produced, sold have already been applied to all kinds of trades such as printing machinery, numerical control lathe, oil field, lift, textile, centrifuge, steel, lifting machine extensively. Have raised the automatic level, production efficiency, products quality of the trade, product market which has expanded users.
Our company mainly offers the following high-tech products, and the products sold toward our company bear the after-sale service before corresponding selling. Offer corresponding technological consultation and assistance user's selecting type to customer. We in line with " Service and price are regarded as equally important " Principle,and to customer is it which doesn't offer corresponding in products bought training or explanation in order to lasting best result of use, carry on the follow-up service to the customer for a long time, guarantee users' interests. Offer overall cooperation and chance of development to friends of the masses of customers.

Specialize in:
Best apply the brake Entrance ' The single power 7.5-315KW can be connected in parallel even more) .
Best repays the unit: Common to repay unit, lift, repay unit, commutate, repay unit, repay unit, mine, promote continuously while being specialized / centrifuge repay Entrance while being specialized.
The specialized wave filter of Best frequency converter: Input the wave filter, export the wave filter, power wave filter.
The resistance that Best applies the brake: Ripple resistance, shell resistance of aluminium, resistance box.
Best reactor: Exchange the input reactor, exchange and export the reactor, direct current resisting device.

Related brand: Famous brand frequency converters of world, our country such as Siemens, ABB, L G, Fuji, Snide, Ai MoSheng, Omron, Ann Sichuan, Mitsubishi, Hitachi,etc..

Management theory: Sincerity, affinity, speciality, innovation.

Your satisfaction is our pursuit! The above need to go still one step further to understand, welcome to call to consult!

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