Ningxia blade electronic rail, Shandong shake optic fibre, Shanxi and let out the cable

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Three Angood Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. of Beijing is grinding and taking place production and marketing and selling project and detail design as an organic whole comprehensive Ann and defending the company of of circle warning products in week, main products including electronic rail of the pulse, shaking the optic fibre, letting out the cable, electrostatic induction cable, it is one that specializes in the new high-tech enterprise that Ann prevented technology research and development, Ann from preventing products production and sales and overall Ann from defending the systematic solution.

Company's address: Enlarge the seventh floor of north picture element in Chaoyang District of Beijing
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Contact's telephone number: Manager Wang 18911768509
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Applicable scope: Bank, place which periphery peripheral Ann of important buildings such as the national treasury, advanced house, prison, warehouse, museum hydropower station, military base, oil depot, historic reservation unit,etc. defend.
The circle invades the warning device in traditional week
1,Infrared to penetrating the rail not playing a stopping role, its function is mainly limited to and called the police.
The advantage is with low costs, construction is easy; But environments such as the apt level, twists, turning, rolling over curved the topographical condition,etc. are limited, it is relatively low to protect the grade, is not fit for the abominable climate, it is apt to receive the influence of natural climate such as high temperature, low temperature, strong light, dust, rain, snow, fog, frost, false-positive rate high / the intersection of Residential Area and week the intersection of circle and the intersection of consumption and largest product under warning system at present too to penetrate apparatus in 2, voluntarily infrared. Must call the police when producing and invading illegally, but invade the behavior to already produce, will cause and threaten the safety of human life and property greatly.
So, the traditional Residential Area is in order to prevent illegal invasion and various destructive activities, generally offer in penetrating besides setting up voluntarily red at periphery week circle of the Residential Area Set up some even outside the system ' The glass for instance above the iron bar, enclosure, iron wire,etc.) Shield the barrier, arrange for personnel to strengthen and patrol.
Infrared voluntarily to go through making from dividing the line to the bus system too in penetrating the detector, from two bunches to four bunches, from fixed frequency to frequency modulation of the code, technology has already become more and more ripe.
But because infrared to penetrate the intersection of detector and technological defect of itself, use it for, influence by other mediums and produce, call the police while being very easy while being outdoor, natural environment, such as raining, fog, gale,etc. may result in calling the police, the false-positive rate is extremely high.
The criminal utilizes advanced science and technology at present, under the situation of the crime with more complicated, more intelligent means, the traditional strick precaution means has been already difficult to meet the needs of the securities.
So, install and employ for advanced week the circle survey the warning system and become a kind of requisite measure.
A new generation's technology of electronic rail that the circle invades the warning system in week is one of them.
The common characteristic of the pulse-duct electronic rail deters, hinders the shelf and warning three major functions, tension type, electronic rail of balanced type hinder the shelf and warning two great functions.
The characteristic of the electronic rail is keeping a lookout voluntarily, the environment has a good adaptability, free of climatic change of temperature, not the influence in environmental factors such as afforesting, trees and little animal,etc..
Not limited by topographical level and twists intensity either.
The electronic rail of blade is a kind of electronic rail stopping calling the police and regarding as equally important.
Hinder the shelf, call the police and deter three major functions, have stronger deterrent force.
The mechanical part exposed generally is not with electricity, will not cause the direct or indirect injury to the human body. When the tension detector detects the invador intrudes upon and sends out and calls the police by force, the system controls and exports under high pressure promptly, the invador has very strong electric shock senses.
Can detect climbing, shorting out, relaxing or broken circuit signal on the steel wire rope and send out calling the police. Call the police, make a reservation accurate, can distinguish the fact, call the police where steel wire rope of defence area which it is.
The advantage has stronger deterrent force, if touch off and call the police, still want to invade by force, the system will return a compliment to and experience by strong electric shock.
The common shortcoming of the electronic rail is that a appearance is not refined enough, but the effective function of strick precaution of the electronic rail is obvious to all
There is a kind of phenomenon recently, the owner is disgusted with before moving in, but after entering the room and stealing the case.
It is very strong that the owner of Residential Area demands to install and concurrently deter, hinder the hope of the electronic rail of shelf and warning function.
Certainly, there are its advantages and disadvantages in warning form of the circle any week.
In terms of pulse-duct electronic rail of high pressure, it is especially suitable for use in some important places and unit week the circle protect,
Such as periphery of the area that takes precautious by a large scale at factory, airport, warehouse, top-grade villa, top-grade house,etc.,etc..
But infrared to penetrating and mainly using the place of key defence of some demands in the room, can deploy troops on garrison duty to the single Residential Area alone, there are its sensitivities.
In a word, technology looks at present, the safest theft-proof measure is the electronic rail and infrared to penetrating the products of the device at the same time.

Three main management of Angood Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. of Beijing, the others, integrated warning system, the electronic rail of the pulse, let out the cable, the warning system of the circle in week, network the warning system, the video controls Ningxia blade electronic rail, Shandong and shakes optic fibre, Shanxi and lets out the cable;

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