The fine electric heat of professional glass of the silver tin of Shanghai is brought the manufacturer in 2015

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The electric tape of glass fibre is suitable for the pot of various industry apparatuses, heating, warm-keeping of tube, trough and other containers, it is mainly made up of electric material and insulating material,etc., the electric material is taken of nichrome, generate heat fast, thermal efficiency is high, characteristic of having long performance life etc., the insulating material, in order to there is no glass fibre of alkali in multiple layers, there is the good one that is able to bear warm performance and reliable insulating ability. Its structure is soft, can twine and heat on the surface of the position heated directly while using, its installation even in temperature is simple, easy to use, safe and reliable.
Technical support: Pot bright science and technology

Silver tin in Shanghai examines warm apparatus limited company main management, the cable, single-phase electron type electric energy meter, electric instrument, examine the warm apparatus, the instrument and apparatus, metal material and products, stainless steel products, cutter cutting tool, the lamp decoration of the lamps and lanterns, electric equipment, plastic products, pneumatic hydraulic apparatus, hardware and electrical equipment, water pipe valve, the technological development of the instrument and apparatus field, consult, serve. The electric heat is taken, the electric heat is taken, electric line, electric board, the ground is warm to generate heat, high-temperature line, generate heat mat, mineral insulating to heat cable, generate heat cable application system other 2015 year the intersection of Shanghai and the intersection of silver and the intersection of tin and professional the intersection of glass and fine electric heat bring the manufacturer;

It is that the speciality researches and develops the new high-tech enterprise which makes electric heating technology that silver tin in Shanghai examines the warm apparatus limited company, introduce advanced production technology and apparatus in Europe, research and develop, used in comfortable to heat building, pipeline keep warm, prevent frostbite and outdoor slush melt to generate heat cable and relevant auxiliary products ice. The company has company and selling company of production base under command, influential, have complete production equipment, possess complete detection means.

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