Coat and examine the thick appearance

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HB6801 thermometer

Products summary
This instrument is that a kind of high precision taking microprocessor technology as the core holds the temperature survey instrument, employ 16 AD converters to carry on temperature survey; The temperature sensor adopts the electric thermocouple of the Model K, can measure centigrade temperature and Fahrenheit temperature, there are data that keep, the decimal point is switched over, operate state memory, such many kinds of functionses as the low electric consumption of the battery reveals, the complete machine is compact in design, measurement is accurate, it is convenient to use and carry.
Product performance
U reveals: The liquid crystal of 4 digits reveals, reveal 9999 the most largely;
U samples the speed: Invite every second 16 times;
U stores the environment: 0 ¡æ- 50 ¡æ(32¨H - 122¨H) Relative humidity & lt; 80%;
U ultra range reveals: Lowest two reveal & ldquo; Hi” Or & ldquo; Lo” ;
U battery: 9V is alkaline or carbon zinc battery;
U battery life-span: Alkaline battery is about 300 hours, carbon zinc battery is about 150 hours;
U accuracy expressed as: ± 0.5% F.S. +1 word
U accuracy calibration environment: 23 ¡æ& plusmn; 5 ¡æ;
U measures the range: -50 ¡æ- 1300 ¡æ(- 58¨H - 2372¨H) ;
U environmental coefficient of temperature: At below ¡æ18 or when being higher than 28 ¡æ, the coefficient is 0.1 times; Accuracy / ¡æ;
U external dimension: 138 × 65 × 25 (mm) ;
U weight: 0.1KG (including the battery) ;
Note: 1. The excellent maximum temperature of marking the spy that mixes is - about 50 to 400 degrees.
2.The regular electric thermocouple sensor is 3& times; 80mm.
3.It is 1 meter that the line of electric thermocouple is long.

The main management of instrument Co., Ltd. of Hypon of Wenzhou, measuring instrument, it is tested that (experiment) Instrument, can't harm the detecting instrument, the main products of our company have pulling force that is counted, the pulling force of pushing away is counted, count the apparent pulling force of pushing away to count, the coating examines the thick appearance, Shao's rubbery sclerometer, the spring draws and presses the testing machine, torsion ( Strength) The tester, torsion spanner and various draw the pressure and test the machine manually, electronically; In addition can also customize relevant products to the customer's actual demand. Coat and examine the thick appearance;

The Hypon of Wenzhou instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specialized in and researched and developed, produced and sold the pulling force of pushing away to count, coat and examine mechanics instruments such as the thick appearance,etc., can't harm the manufacturer of the portable instrument of measuring etc.. The company has up to now already authorized through ISO9001 quality management system, and obtain 23 product patents; The technological group with speciality of the company, and have strong research and development of products, innovation ability, obtain the intersection of Leqing and the intersection of city and science and technology in 2012 year ' Innovation) Type enterprise title,last Zhejiang to be provincial products new some products. Properties of product steady, product all kinds of that produce can substitute the import like product not merely, find a good sale in Europe, North America, Southeast Asian and Middle East various countries at the same time, the products are used in the electronic apparatus extensively, electric wire cable, electromechanics of five metals, electricity, electromagnetic machinery, car fittings, motive power machine, scientific research institution, chemical industry of the adhesive, coal, building doors and windows, furniture, the plastic is moulded and arranged, the spring is made, trades such as the medical equipment, defending the apparatus, lift, printing packaging, lighter and lighting a fire in device, textile, zipper button, tool to lock, pen industry, razor engaging in, fishing tackle,etc..

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