Unify the trouble indicator four times

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WHLJK-4 function more earthing, the intersection of inning of shorting out and one type the intersection of trouble and electric circuit that indicator is use as in the public electric wire netting mainly ' Overhead wire, mother arrange, cable) Have, use the intelligent warning device of the trouble for pointing out the single-phase earthing trouble and shorting out alternatively.

WHLJK-4 the whole the intersection of function and earthing, inning of shorting out one type trouble can accurate pointing out the intersection of trouble point and where one stays branch and sector rapidly in indicator, shorten the trouble point and look for time; Reduce, lose electrical power area and loss of electricity sales amount, increase the economic benefits, raise power supply reliability; Prevent fen from many times, shut, lengthen electric the intersection of apparatus and life-span of running; The ones that solve trouble of the buried cable find out that difficult; Divide the sector of trouble, define trouble responsibility, raise the technological advantage of distribution apparatuses such as case ng, the intersection of ring and network cupboard, opening and closing standing, cable branched case,etc.; Single non- online the whole function, can the open air run for a long time.

Single-phase a earthing fault alarm ' Metallicity, it is not the metallicity) ; Short out fault alarm alternatively ' Permanence, instantaneity) ; Install, the non-maintaining, high, anti-interference, resisting to pour of sensitivity in electrification; Show turning and adopt red fluorogenic paint, the vision is effectual, very obvious instruction at night; Encapsulate the shell and adopt the nanometer material, it is filthy to resist, raise the shell transparency.

Manage the trouble indicator of the voltage transformer, the mutual inductor mainly more than excellent special Utilities Electric Co.,Ltd., the trouble indicator of the panel, impracticable trouble indicator, the cable trouble indicator unifies the trouble indicator four times;

Guangzhou is than excellent specially electric Science Technologies Co., Ltd. is collects researching and developing, production, sale, technical support for the new developing enterprises which specialize in the high-pressure power product of an organic whole, the main products are as follows, stiff trouble indicator series WHL EKL, high-pressure power products such as WHL serial electrification display, WHL series mutual inductor, WHL series cable plugs, electric apparatus insulating guard shields,etc.. Company located in the intersection of Guangzhou and the intersection of city flower and the intersection of district and the intersection of Xinhua and the intersection of street and industrial main road, form sure scale than the excellent secret service industry garden. The company is supported by science and technology; Market-oriented; Seek development with quality and service; Engineers and technicians that experienced by having one group, technology is really up to the mark, guarantee users enjoy the overall thoughtful, high-quality high-efficient technological service while using fine products. We, in line with & ldquo; Treat people with sincere and handling affairs with the letter & rdquo; Principle,is it human-oriented to adhere to,to regard talent as company for & ldquo; Blood & rdquo; ,Promote company members' quality in an all-round way, make the company become the first-class enterprises with first-class talent, first-class management, first-class technology, high quality services. The company will cooperate with every large universities and colleges and research institution, will be developing the new products constantly, form multi-level product structure. We should use best products, the best service, make original creation, characteristic, cohesive specialized brand, make the company become the domestic and famous enterprises which serves the power system. As a new developing enterprise, we follow & ldquo; Survive on high quality, & rdquo by seeking development scientifically and technologically; Principle, steadily, healthy development. We hope to keep close exchange and coorperation with every department of managing, designing, producing running etc. and the masses of counterparts in the industry sincerely, improve the automatic level of the power system together, revitalize national industry, work hard for improving the comprehensive national strength of our country!

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