Zhejiang GGD switch board 2200*800*800 China cupboard is electric

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GGD exchanges the low-voltage switch board body specification: It is high and 2200 2000 wide 600 800 1000 1200 Deep 600 800 1000 1200
GGD type exchanges the exchange 50HZ that the low-voltage switch board is suitable for electric users such as the power plant, transformer substation, industrial enterprise,etc., the distribution system of the working voltage 380V specified job electric current 3150A of amount, uses as what the electric energy of the power, illumination and distribution apparatus changed, assigned and controlled. GGD type exchanges the low-voltage switch board and is in charge of higher authorities, the masses of electric users and requirements of the design department according to Ministry of Energy, new low-voltage switch board designed adhering to the safe, economic, rational, reliable principle. The products divide and give up high ability, it is good to move heat stability, the electric scheme is flexible, makes up and convenient, series, practicability are strong, the structure is novel, characteristic of protecting the grade high etc.. Can serve as update products of the low-voltage complete set of switch equipment.
It accords with IEC439 " low-voltage complete set of switchgear and control equipment " that GGD type exchanges the low-voltage switch board,
Standards such as GB7251 " low-voltage complete set of switch equipment ",etc.
GGD exchanges the low-voltage switch board: G --Low-voltage switch board; G --Install, fix wiring fixedly; D --The electricity uses the cupboard

External dimension
Exchange one kind of the body of low-voltage switch board cupboard, its common height is 2200mm, deep 600mm (or 800mm) ,Width 400mm ( Or 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm) .
Type meaning
G --Low-voltage switch board; G --Install, fix wiring fixedly; D --The electricity uses the cupboard
The type is subdivided
Give up electric current ability differently according to fen which equips the main circuit breaker, the body of Model GGD cupboard is subdivided into GGD1 type, GGD2 type, GGD3 type.


3 structural characteristics
The 3.1GGD type body of cupboard which exchanges the low-voltage switch board took the form of common cupboard, the frame was welded or assembled with 8MF cold curved section steel part, the cupboard a part and specialized related part are produced and forms a complete set and supplied by our company, in order to guarantee precision and quality of the body of cupboard. The spare part of the common cupboard is designed according to the module principle, and there is 20 moulds of mounting holes, the common coefficient is high. Can make the factory realize and produce. Have shortened the same period for manufacturing, has raised working efficiency too. Cupboard 3.2GGD fully considers the heat-dissipating problem in the body of cupboard runs while designing. Have heat-dissipating trough hole of different quantity at the upper and lower both ends of body of cupboard, when the cupboard inner electric apparatus component generate heat, heat rise, discharge through upper the intersection of trough and hole, and cold wind hole supplementary to stock the cupboard by the intersection of underpart and trough constantly, make the sealed body of cupboard form a natural ventilation one from bottom to top, achieve the goal of dispelling the heat
3.2 At the request of shape-designing of modern industrial products in GGD cupboard,it last golden section than method last body cutting apart by size partly appearance, make the whole cupboard elegant in appearance.
3.3 It is convenient for the cupboard door to link with framework, install, dismantle with the pivot type movable hinge. The intersection of hem and place of door inlay have one mountain the intersection of rubber and plastic and piece, let fillet between frame have certain compressed journey close, can prevent the door and body of cupboard from colliding directly, has improved the shelter grade of the door.
3.4 The instrument door equipped with component of the electric apparatus is linked with the frame with many skeins of annealed copper wires. The intersection of installation and piece in the cupboard, with roll, spend washer connect, whole the intersection of cupboard and kind become intact the intersection of ground protection and system with the intersection of frame and bay.
3.5 The honourable paint of cupboard can select the tangerine shape baking finish of polyester for use, can also select for use and gush out to mould the powder craft to deal with. Have strong adhesion, the feel is good. The whole cupboard presents inferior mere tone, has avoided the glare effect, has created more comfortable visual environment for attenbant.
3.6 The top cover of the body of cupboard can be removed while needing, benefit assembly and adjustment of the main bus bar of scene, four corners that the cupboard carries are equipped with the rings, is used for lifting and shipping.
Enterprise's introduction
Our company lies in Wenzhou market Leqing of Zhejiang Province. Manage GGD side one, body of high-pressure cupboard KYN28A-12, ring network cupboard, direct current mainly to reject etc.. The trade is approved by the masses of customers. The company inherits & ldquo; Guarantee first-class quality, keep first class prestige & rdquo; Management theory,insist on & ldquo; The customer is first & rdquo; (used after an attribute)? ? Offer high-quality services to the masses of customers. Welcome the incoming telegram to negotiate the business!

Electric Co., Ltd. main management of Zhejiang China cupboard, switch board, the shell, low-voltage electric apparatus, the speciality makes to order level and pigeonholes the body of switch cupboard cupboard, GGD switch board, GGD side slice, drawer cupboard GCK, drawer cupboard GCS, drawer cupboard MNS, China puts the cupboard, the network cupboard of the ring, among them include GGD, MNS, GCK, direct current is rejected, XGN66, standard cupboards such as HXGN15, KYN28,etc., and customize the body of nonstandard cupboard for the customer. Zhejiang GGD switch board 2200*800*800 China cupboard is electric;

Cupboard electric Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang China. The speciality makes to order level and pigeonholes the switch cupboard, GGD side slice, drawer cupboard, China puts the cupboard, the network cupboard of the ring, among them include GGD, MNS, GCK, direct current is rejected, XGN66, standard cupboards such as HXGN15, KYN28,etc., and customize the body of nonstandard cupboard for the customer.
The leading products of company are as follows, KYN61- 40.5, KYN28A-24, KYN28A- 12(GZS1) , XGN2, HXGN-12, DXG-12(L) BLOKSET, MNS, GCS, GCK, GGD, XL-21, PK direct current reject and the intersection of DFW10 and cable branch off case, stainless steel the open air, carry sub case, box transformer substation more thanth series, last complete sets cupboard shelf 1000 multi-type specification type and level,shell and type material frame, and design producing all kinds of nonstandard cupboards of body for the customer. The cupboard electric Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang China is that one specializes in the innovative enterprises of science and technology that level pigeonholed the body of electric complete sets of cupboard, the company is located in the celestial industrial park of willow city of Leqing of Zhejiang Province, is close to 104 national roads and exits of Wenzhou bridge of warm expressway of TV station of Ningbo, the position is superior, easily accessible.
The company has an outstanding team of engineering, are mainly engaged in the research and development of the body of complete sets of switch cupboard cupboard, production, selling and service. The company allocates hydraulic pendulum-type numerical control QC12K and cuts the board machine, the synchronous numerical control of PSHS electric liquid rolls over the curved machine, WA67Y torsion rolls over the curved machine synchronously, VT300 numerical control transfers to the puncher of the tower and many Zhejiang and forges the ordinary puncher and wants the apparatus when being added. The apparatus of the frock, measure and measure the utensil completely. Have offered competitive advantage for developing the market. Company, cupboard of China, insist on & ldquo all the time; Consumers first, quality first & rdquo; Management theory and & ldquo; Science and technology for first, talent to source, with sincere for providing quality goods or brilliant, not achieving success through good quality by & rdquo originally, by every means; Development strategy,company in line with & ldquo; Survive on high quality, achieve benefit in order to manage, in order to open up and seek development, ask breaking through, achieving the brand & rdquo with prestige in order to innovate; Enterprise aim. “ Advanced technology, high-quality products, reasonable price, service & rdquo of completion; It is company's eternal pursuit. With the swift and violent development of the electric cause of our country, company's Chairman leads staff and old and new friend's cooperating, mutually beneficial win-win, creating brilliance of all parts.

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