Warm humidity controller

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Congeal and reveal ' Humidity) Controller: NK( TH) . NK-A( TH) . NK-2B( TH) . NK-E( TH) . NK-M( TH) . NK-P( TH) . NK-Z( TH) . N2K( TH) . N2K-2B( TH) . N2K-BT( TH) . N2K-M( TH) . N2K-2M( TH) . N3K-2( TH) . N3K-2M( TH) .

Temperature controller: WK( TH) . WK-M( TH) . WK-P( TH) . WK-2P( TH) . WK-Z( TH) . W2K-2P( TH) . .

Congealing reveals the temperature controller: N3WK-2P2( TH) . NWK( TH) . NWK-2( TH) . NWK-E( TH) . NWK-P2( TH) . NWK-2P2B( TH) . NWK-M( TH) . N2WK-2P2( TH) . NWK-Z2( TH) . N2W2K-2( TH) . WSK( TH) . WSK-2P2( TH) . WSK-S( TH) . KS-3T. KS-3( TH) . KS-3-3H( TH) . KS-3-2( TH) . KS-3-2H( TH) . ZWS-42( TH) . TDK0302. TDK0302K. TDK0302C

Other warm humidity products types: SK( TH) . SK-1( TH) . S2K( TH) . S2K-1( TH) . SK-DB( TH) . S2K-DB(TH) . WK-SG(TH) .. WK-JG(TH) .. WSK-SG(TH) ..

WSK-JG(TH) . WK-SH(TH) . WK-JH(TH) . WSK-SH(TH) . WSK-JH(TH) . WK-SP(TH) . WK-JP(TH) . DWS-11(TH) . DWS-13(TH) . KW-1A1W-11(TH) ..

KW-1A1W-35(TH) . KD-WNL(TH) .. KD-NL(TH) .. WSK-H(TH) .. WSK-J(TH) . WSK-HS(TH) .. WSK-JS(TH) .. WSK-1(TH) .. KS-1A(TH) .. KS-1C(TH) ..

KS-1B(TH) .. KS-2B(TH) .. KS-2C(TH) .. ETS-D(TH) .. ETS-H(TH) . SDK-NL(TH) .. SDK2-NL(TH) .. ZWS-42(TH) .. SDK-P(TH) . SDK-NL(TH) .. KS-1D(TH) ..

KS-3(TH) . KWN-1HB(TH) ,.. KWN-1HC(TH) .. KWN-1TB(TH) .. KWN-1B(TH)

Electric magnetic padlock, the procedure locks: DSN-I. DSN( DSN2) -BM. DSN-DM. DSN-III. JSN( W) 1. JSNGN-12.

Heater: DJR( JRD) . DJR-G.

State indicator of the switch

Accuse of electric limited company's managing power automation, the controller of warm humidity of the control system mainly intelligently in the space field, the electric magnetic padlock in the family, the high pressure reveals the device, the high-pressure sensor, insulator with electricity, controller of warm humidity of the wall bushing;

Space field it accuses of electric Co., Ltd. to be the intersection of intelligence and warm the intersection of humidity and controller intelligently and count and show electricity such as the electric instrument to protect the professional manufacturer of the apparatus synthetically. Since the establishment of company, have already formed the independent research and development of products, production, sales system, have first-class official working facilities, good corporate culture, has cast outstanding talent's group
The warm humidity controller of production of our company is widely used to shut each field such as power industry, agriculture, culture,education and public health. Have characteristic such as being small, pollution-free, easy to install, prevent all kinds of accidents that initiate because the temperature, humidity do not accord with the standard effectively, thus has established the good public praise in the industry. We inherit " Scientific and technical innovation brand, quality create the future " Management theory,by specialized attitude, quality on it is excellent,be lasted trust and support of customer service on it is sincere.
Welcome internal and external old and new customers, present our company of trade expert to visit and guide wholeheartedly, make progress together, create brilliance!

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