Huge brother's electronic MAG41 holding infrared thermal imaging system

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² Adopt and import 382*288 detectors, extremely high temperature resolution, outputs the high-quality infrared picture
² Can meet, examine warm demand while being many kinds of, examine, can be up to 2000 ¡æ while being warm at most
² Offer the speciality edition to analyze the software off-line, all available from hot picture to report
² 3.5 inches of colored liquid crystal touch-sensitive screens, two kinds of operation modes, follow one's inclinations to control
² 50Hz the whole TV frame frequency is exported, the fast change can also catch
² The innovative DDE digital detail strengthens technology, the resolution picture detail that it can still be very good in the great scene of temperature range
² Mark, mix the intersection of 15mm and scene, but the intersection of apolegamy and other the intersection of focus and lens, get from little distance long and burnt, all available
² Dispose 5 million visible light cameras, it is obvious that merges with the infrared picture accurately
Detector type
Not refrigerating burnt level
Picture element
384× 288
8~14μ m
Look at the rink corner
22° × 16.5°
The space resolution ratio
Way of focusing
Manually / electronically available
Heat sensitivity
<60mk@ (- 20~150 ¡æ)
The greatest TV frame frequency
Display screen
3.5 inches can be touched on the high clear colored LCD display screen
Resolution ratio 640*480
Examine the warm range
Standard - 20~150 ¡æ
± 2% or & plusmn; 2 ¡æ
Examine the warm mode
Real-time can move some, thread to examine warmly and examining warmly in the area
The high temperature is followed the most, average temperature survey
The parameter is revised
Emissivity, background temperature, the window seeing through rate,
The atmosphere seeing through rate
Can set up the threshold value of the high-temperature background, controll point
10 kinds of palettes
Reveal that strengthens
Draw automatically, take DDE, the highlighted contrast ratio of the picture
Adjustable, support the manual grey level to draw
Visible light module
Dispose 5 million visible light form images module
Reveal the mode
All infrared / all visible light /picture at picture /
Integration / color is warned
Store the capacity
Greatest support 32G
Explanatory note
180s pronunciation explanatory note, text explanatory note
Working temperature
-10~50 ¡æ
Interface of the data
Can charge lithium battery, the duration of 5 hours
205mm(L) × 101mm(W) × 234mm(H)
The above-mentioned parameters mark and mix 25mm, 22& deg correspondingly; × 16.5° Lens,
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