The electric gold utensil for a long time

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The company has been devoted to electric gold utensil, impracticable insulating gold utensil, cable gold utensil attentively all the time for many years, switchyard gold utensil, cable fixed gold utensil and electric conduction arrange, in charge of, excellent research and development and production. Make great efforts to offer high-quality, reliable, steady products and service to customer. & ldquo that the company produces; Long cable & rdquo; Card, & ldquo; Southern & rdquo; Brand gold utensil has been the representatives of quality products all the time, multiple products have already obtained the national patent. Mainly sell in country's key industry, key project, key field such as the national electric wire netting, nuclear power station, high-speed railway, subway, petrochemical industry; And export a plurality of countries and national foreign-aid construction projects.
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