ZSG three phases commutate the voltage transformer

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The products are summed up:

The intersection of ZSG and three-phase dry to commutate voltage transformer, commutate important component in the apparatus ' Belong to the dry voltage transformer) ,It and various rectification devices make up and commutate the circuit system. In order to realize that turns the alternating current into the direct current, commutate the voltage transformer and vary the voltage of exchanging electric wire netting into certain size and voltage counted at first, and then through commutating the device ' Rectifier) ,Output for direct current to pull the apparatus.

Applicable occasion:

Used in experimental provision, illumination, electric apparatus of the lathe, machinery electronic apparatus, medical apparatus, commutating the device,etc. extensively. The properties of product can meet various special requirements of user.

Performance characteristic:

( 1) Angry performance is steady: The products combine and support characteristic and electric wire netting voltage fluctuating, atmospheric overvoltage situation, according to commutating the load state of the voltage transformer, confirm rational, reliable insulating level and insulating model, confiscate to guarantee the electric performance of the products is reliable and steady. Environmental safety coefficient & ge of the products; 1.67.

( 2) Work up the high stability intensity: The winding of the products has higher mechanical intensity, have more strongly resisting and happening suddenly ability, in order to meet the abominable load environment extremely. Dispel voltage transformer leak megnetism, cause and whom abnormal transportation may may lead to the fact move the unstable source well in the course of designing, making. The products have higher moving stability. It is high to resist and hinder, higher by 30% than with the impedance of the electric voltage transformer of the capacity, in order to inhibit di/dt, protect and commutate the component effectively.

( 3) Heat stability is good: Advanced product design, the ones that control the products generate heat in the position and the focus is warm to rise the most strictly, the coil, lead wire adopt the copper conductor, the electric current density is chosen relatively low.

( 4) Overload capacity is strong: The products have more strongly passing load ability and overvoltage ability, fully consider the load characteristic in products design and manufacture, from warm to rise and insulating ability and the intersection of attachment and the intersection of person who choose and different fields meet the requirement in year.

Technical parameter:

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