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Accurate oven
The name of product: Accurate a oven ' Have another name called the dry box, high-temperature test chamber)
Item Model: KB-TK-X.X
The major application of the accurate oven:
Mainly for dryness, baking, heat treatment of the products,etc. in industrial production.
Adopt the high-efficient compressed glass wool, the thermal insulation result is easy to be prominent.
Specification type:
Item Model
Inner case size (W *D *H) mm
400× 400× 450
500× 500× 550
600× 600× 650
(jumbo size is made to order with the client requirement)
The temperature range of accurate oven: Normal atmospheric temperature is +10 ¡æ- 300 ¡æ
The system of blowing of forced circulation of special planning, the even mode of working temperature distribution of reliable assurance.
Blow motor: 1/4HP
Power: 200V 20A

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