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Economy areometer
Mainly suitable for: Chemical solution, modern energy, petroleum fuel, fine chemistry industry, chemical reagent, chemical research laboratory. Archimedes' principle it adopt,it accord with on GB/T 611, GB/T11540s, GB/T12206s, GB/T5518s,etc. standard specification.
The tester of liquid density of KB-300L digital display, adopt Archimedes' principle to bind with modern electron technology, direct digital display density value, survey accuracy is high, steady and durable and comparing with tradition balance method, density bottle law of Wei, operation is simpler, and is not influenced by external factor and temperature, can realize fast perfect measurement, suitable for the application in fields such as qualitative control, prescription developing, cost control,etc.. The suitable measurement at the same time: Solvent, adhesive, paint coating, pitch, ink, resin, chemical oil, edible oil, food additive, beverage, dairy products,etc..
Technical parameter:
Maximum is weighed: 300g
It is weighed that minimum: 0.005g
The density is analyzed: 0.001 g/cm3
Measurement limit: 0.001— 99.999g/cm3
Read, measure fast, 1бы of density precision directly in digital display
Adopt and import the Japanese inner works

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