Professional voltage transformer producer 10KV grade S11 serial electric voltage transformers

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Brand / type: Special Singapore / S11-M-315
Nominal voltage: 10( kV) V
Size: 1.26*0.69*1.345( m)
Process and customize: Yes
Support and consume: 3650( W)
Impedance voltage: 4( %) %
Type: S11-M-315
Brand: New and special
Product certification:
Nominal capacity: 30 --10000( KVA) KVA

1. Standard: GB1094-1996; JB/T10088-2004; GB/T6451-2008; EQV IEC60076
2. Voltage class: 6,10kV
3. Voltage regulation way: Voltage regulation of excitation-free or voltage regulation of the load type
5. Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
6. The number of phases: Three phases
7. Bind the group to mark: Yyn0, Dyn11 or other
8. Short circuit impedance: Normal impedance (see the technological parameter list)

The characteristic of the products:

It is low to loss, energy-conservation is prominent
The core is round multistep, all oblique tertiary seam lamination
The high-low voltage coil is wound with the oxygen-free copper wire, the high tension winding adopts the multi-layer trunk structure without exception
Body reasonable structure of the device
Adopt new assembly and fastener

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