Ultrathin RJ45 takes the voltage transformer socket / RJ45 network voltage transformer 100M and sinks panel DIP

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Brand / type: HELING/RJ45 voltage transformer
Appearance structure: Sink the board
Efficiency (¦Ç) : 1000
Voltage ratio: 1000( V)
The number of phases of power: Heterogeneous
Unshakable in one's determination shape: Circular type
Process and customize: Yes
Cooling form: Dry
Frequency character: High frequency
Application area: Network
Dampproof way: Open
Unshakable in one's determination form: Annular
Power rating: 1000( KVA)
Cooling way: The oil immersion is self-cooled
Type: RJ45 voltage transformer
Coil form: Duplex winding

The company staples is as follows,

1 RJ45 takes the voltage transformer (the electric-wave filter) 100M1X1 .....Series 1XN;

2 RJ45 takes the voltage transformer(Transfromer) 1000M1x1 .......Series 1xN;

3 . RJ45 takes the voltage transformer (electric-wave filter) 100M2 X1 .....Series 2 XN;

4 . RJ45 takes the voltage transformer (Transfromer) 1000M2 x1 .......Series 2 xN;

5 . RJ45 +USB brought the voltage transformer series;

6 . RJ45 sinks the board series SMT;

7.RJ45 +USB series.

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Material number
Name or description specification
RJ45 takes the voltage transformer network socket 8P8C and sinks panel DIP
Long 22.95mmX width 16.1mmX high 11mm
Properties of product
Possess 10/100/1000/10000 M network apparatus connection, network signal coupling, LED signal directive function
Signal display LED, but selection function that EMI is exposed to the shell fragment and wait for
But selection function of filter circuit of network
POE self-powered function alternative
The electric-wave filter electrical performance of the network accords with the standards of " IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3ab "
Appearance and mechanical performance accord with " FCC " appearance size, machine-building industrial standard
The requirement for environment protection accords with " RoHS " standard

The above-mentioned contents are: Ultrathin RJ45 takes the voltage transformer socket / RJ45 network voltage transformer 100M and sinks panel DIP detailed information, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand more ultrathin RJ45 take the voltage transformer socket / RJ45 network voltage transformer 100M and sink panel DIP picture, price, parameter Please shut the banking department of Electronics Co., Ltd. of imperial tomb to release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection for Dongguan, if the intersection of Dongguan and city shut imperial tomb Electronics Co., Ltd. banking department contact detail whether you can also go on, complain error correction or release one ultrathin RJ45 bring voltage transformer socket / the intersection of RJ45 and network Holding the voltage transformer 100M in place with a net sinks panel DIP and buys information, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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