JDZX18-3, 6, 10R potential transformer

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Offer and process customizing: Yes
Brand: Electric high pressure in the west
Type: JDZX18
Product certification: ISO2001
JDZX18-3, 6, 10R potential transformer, pour the insulating single-phase potential transformer

Type: JDZX18-3R, JDZX18-6R, JDZX18-10R
Name: Potential transformer
Brand: Electric high pressure in the west
Manufacturer: Electric high pressure electric Co., Ltd. of the west of Zhejiang

Originally type the potential transformer is the totally closed indoor type products of vacuum casting of epoxy resin. Suitable for rated frequency 50Hz, the neutral point is not in earthy 10kV and following electric power circuit directly, make measurement voltage, electric energy, power and timing relay and protect and envy using.

Structural features:

Originally type the mutual inductor adopts the totally closed epoxy resin to pour. It is filthy and moist to be able to bear, is suitable for the use of tropical area. The mutual inductor does not need to especially maintain. Only need to remove the surface filthily regularly. Mutual inductor adopt pour insulating while being totally closed, size little and quality light, suitable for any, install by position, arbitrary direction. The intersection of potential transformer and maximum characteristic and time have fuse protect originally type, can it avoids users to be to dispose trouble that fuse lead to the fact again. Can narrow the usefull space of switch cabinet greatly. And it is very convenient for the fuse to change, but within the direct load mutual inductor. Endurance is assorted that fusing current of the fuse and mutual inductor short out. Effective protection mutual inductor is not burnt when the electric wire netting break down. Pay the bill while being two-shot the intersection of terminal and equips with the connecting terminal box. Its front and side have each and one produce in lineal hole, and is furnished with the measure against shirking charge.

Technology joins and spreads
Product standard: GBI207-2006;
Filthy grade: II grade;
The power factor of load: COS¦µ=0.8 (lag behind) ;
Matched fuse type XRNP mouth - 12 type 0.5A (special requirement please propose during order) ;

Order notice:
1,Please offer the detailed transformation ratio, grade, capacity, type name of the products while inquiring the price, regard facilitating a sales force as you and quote the accurate reasonable product cost.

2,Please check environment for use of the products, installation size, appearance picture with technicians again while ordering.

3,The general quotation of the products of our company does not include the freight charges, be sure to explain if need to include freight charges prices.

4,This product can only send the stream commonly because of bulk density, hope the masses of customers tolerate it. In the integrity of confirming the goods of stream department, please while picking up goods, in order to be consulted with stream by our company and compensate the matters. (seldom know)

5,Please check up the quantity of the goods while accepting the goods. The products of our company are bound by the purpose-built wooden case, the external box has shipping mark of delivering in detail. The remarks have information such as addressee's name, telephone, quantity of goods.

Finally, friendship suggestion. Please carry the file that can prove your identity well while receiving the stream department cargo delivery notice. May you do shopping happily!

The above-mentioned contents are: JDZX18-3, 6, 10R potential transformer detailed information, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand more JDZX18-3, 6, 10R potential transformer picture, price, parameter Please give Zhejiang the intersection of west and electric the intersection of high pressure and electric the intersection of Co., Ltd. and the intersection of mutual inductor and Branch to release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection, if Zhejiang the west electric high pressure whether you can also go on, complain error correction or announce a JDZX18-3 in electric the intersection of Co., Ltd. and the intersection of mutual inductor and the intersection of Branch and contact detail, 6, 10R potential transformer buys information, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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