FZP-10KV pillar electrical insulator

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Offer and process customizing: Whether not
Type: Support dish type bridge
Brand: One hundred is suitable
Material: Glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge

The circuit, outdoor switch field of the substation and other occasions needing to drive away the birds, this product is afraid all and intimidating the characteristic of the color according to the birds, especially fear the flashing habits and acquired characteristics, drive it outside the pole tower and prevent nesting, so as to stop the bird damage, guarantee the safe purpose.


The intersection of product and the intersection of impeller and flat, bearing, shell this and reflect light lens holder, choose engineering plastics polyoxymethylene POM, bearing has greasy property, do not need to add any lubricant.

The rotary force of the pneumatic bird driving unit, realize by the bad resistance magnitude that produces of the area of wind pressure and blade, the reflecting light mirror holder of this product is designed into the bowl type too, in order to subsidize motive force, strengthen revolutionary power and speed of the bird driving unit.

The blade and rotation of the fast different directions of optical reflector can produce interference on birds' vision and frighten, reach and drive bird's result.

DefendBirdStingThe description of products: In recent years, with constant improvement of enhancement and ecotope of people's environmental consciousness, birds population, quantity and scope of activities of the middle life of nature increase gradually. Because our country transmits electricity in the aerial lines and mostly runs outdoors, difficult to control by the manpower in time, influenced by birds activity greater, related departments of national electric wire netting statistics show, accidents such as the short circuit caused that nested, perched on the iron tower by the birds, tripping,etc. show a tendency to rise year by year. Bird damage accident happen frequently, make it maintain the unit, suffer greater losses at manpower, material resources not to run not merely, the more important thing is the safe operation of the electric wire netting has been received severely and threatened.

To this phenomenon, it is convenient for our factory to research and develop new installation, have adaptive capacity of stronger installation, and easy to overhaul,etc. the bird-resistant of the characteristic, the bird-proof characteristic is outstanding, well received by user.

Product structure and function:

1.The steel wire of the bird-resistant, Steel Tank and U-shape loop, through the antiseptic treatment of hot dip galvanizing, it is globoid to disperse the stranded wire, install and hang the upper portion of the cross arm of position of suspension shackle in the cross arm of the pole tower, the valid prevention bird is on the direct top of bunch of wire vase

The above-mentioned contents are: Supply FZP-10KV pillar electrical insulator detailed information, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand that supply FZP-10KV pillar electrical insulator picture, price, parameter more Please release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection for the electric apparatus factory of safety protection of victories of Nation of Hebei, if Hebei the intersection of Nation and the intersection of victory and electric safety protection the intersection of apparatus and the intersection of factory and contact detail whether you can also go on, complain error correction or release first supply the intersection of FZP-10KV and the intersection of pillar and electrical insulator with, buy message, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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