CH-70 hydraulic pressure punching machine, the punching machine of stainless steel

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Name: Separated hydraulic pressure punching machine

Copper / aluminium sheet: 12mm

Iron / steel plate: 10mm
Tonnage: 35T
The throat is deep: 110mm
Weight: 30kg
The mould is disposed: 3/8" (§æ 10.5mm) ,1/2" (§æ 13.8mm) ,5/8" (§æ 17mm) ,3/4" (§æ 20.5mm)
Hydraulic punching tool functional specification:

1. The seperated hydraulic pressure punching machine is suitable for L, H dull and stereotyped steel, aluminium of steel plate is arranged and punched.
2. Design mediocre seat in the bottom place, do not allow and shake upside down steadily.
3. Single to go back oil while being hole type, mould adopt high-carbon the intersection of tungsten and alloy steel allow the damage.
4. CH-70, CH-60 separated hydraulic puncher, are specially used in punching of metal planking such as angle iron, flat iron, copper plate, especially suitable for trades such as the electricity, building,etc.'s operating in the building site outdoors.
5. Cooperate with the pumping: CP-700 DYB-63A CTE-25AS is dispatched from the factory and does not include the pump, needs to purchase separately.
If need other specification moulds, can order separately.

The above-mentioned contents are: CH-70 hydraulic pressure punching machine, stainless steel punching machine detailed information, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand more CH-70 hydraulic pressure punching machines, stainless steel punching machine picture, price, parameter Please give Zhejiang the intersection of Taizhou and the intersection of Yuhuan and big a hundred million tool work to release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection, if big in Taizhou Yuhuan of Zhejiang hundred million contact details of tool work are wrong you can also complain error correction or release a CH-70 hydraulic pressure punching machine, the stainless steel punching machine buys information, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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