Hydraulic hand-pump, ZCB-700B electric motor pump

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Name: Electronic pumping (take the electromagnetic valve) of ZCB-700B vltrahigh voltage

Rated pressure:
High pressure: 70MPa undervoltage: 2.5MPa
Rated flow:
High pressure: 0.8L/min undervoltage: 2.5L/min
The fuel tank capacity: 10L
EMP: 0.75KW
Weight: 32kg
The reference dimension of the main appearance: 370x230x490mm
The remarks: Dual pump form oil passages

The snap-type switch can change into a stepping on switch

The above-mentioned contents are: Hydraulic hand-pump, ZCB-700B electric motor pump detailed information, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand more hydraulic hand-pumps, ZCB-700B electric motor pump picture, price, parameter Please give Zhejiang the intersection of Taizhou and the intersection of Yuhuan and big a hundred million tool work to release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection, if big in Taizhou Yuhuan of Zhejiang hundred million contact details of tool work are wrong you can also complain error correction or release a hydraulic hand-pump, ZCB-700B electric motor pump buys information, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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