Fittings drying agent of transformer factory of Chongqing Vase set of interstar connection Shunting switch

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Brand / type: Special electricity build / S serial
Nominal voltage: 10000( kV) V
Type: Series S
Brand: The special electricity is built
Product certification: ISO9001
Process and customize: Whether not
Nominal capacity: 630( KVA) KVA

Process and supply Chongqing with voltage transformer fittings of a transformer factory, mainly voltage transformer drying agent, vase set, rubbery felted fabric pad, voltage transformer of interstar connection of voltage transformer are branched off (change) Switch,etc.. Our company returns the speciality and filters the oil of voltage transformation of the 25th of S series electricity, take the high-tension electricity to operate to the doorstep, and provide the oil of voltage transformation and measure the report. Quality assurance, have the the highest prestige. Welcome your incoming telegram, messenger to consult and negotiate the business.
Our company save the intersection of electric company and ZS7-3150KVA35/10, county of Cangwu, commutate the intersection of voltage transformer and scene, filter the oil of voltage transformation while being charged for Guangxi; Charged reclaimed oil of Palestine state S7 series 35KV-10KV forced-oil voltage transformer scene of Sichuan; Drying process SFZ10000KVA/35 three-phase forced-oil voltage transformer of body of the Co., Ltd. scene device that Palestine state of Sichuan supplies power; Jiang Zeng in Chongqing casts Co., Ltd. ZS-1000KVA and commutates the on-the-spot reclaimed oil of voltage transformer; For in Railway Bureau ten field maintenance voltage transformer, last oil, be linked to last voltage transformer to the doorstep Chongqing imperial tomb Refrigerating Equipment Co., Ltd.s good, measure the oil of voltage transformation.

The oil filter of manufacturing of our company is suitable for the purification of the insulating oil, can be regarded as evacuation and vaccum fuel injection apparatus of the voltage transformer. This machine is used mainly in utility and industrial and mining enterprises and deal with underproof voltage transformer oil, high-pressure circuit-breaker oil, capacitor oil, mutual inductor oil etc.. Can take off harmful substances such as the moisture content, gas, mechanical admixture in deoiling,etc. reliably and fast. Improve flash point and withstand voltage value of the insulating oil, can bring the high-tension electricity field work.

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