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Offer and process customizing: Yes
Brand: Fan is high and electric
Type: CWW-10/1000A
Product certification:

Contact: Fan reveals the mobile phone: 15356517076 telephone numbers: 0577-62605253 faxes: 0577-62605253 Fan high electric limited company in Leqing is that a domestic one of a larger scale is specialized in and researched and developed, design, produce, sell the leading enterprise of the high-pressure equipment for power transmission and distribution, it is the country

Specially-designated factories producing high-pressure on-off element of family Ministry of Machine-Building Industry, Ministry of Power Industry.

Staples have high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker, high voltage isolating switch, high, the intersection of undervoltage and lighting arrester, electrical insulator, drop-out fuse, the intersection of bus wire and clamp, spring ' Electricity

Magnetism) High-pressure products such as actuating mechanism, bus wire telescopic joint,etc., apply to transforming, project of power transmission and distribution, metallurgy, chemical industry, mine, railway, building of urban and rural power grids extensively

And the electric project of biotope forms a complete set.

Because there are more Item Models, the price has nothing in common with each other, please consult first and then order, quantity is great more excellent! The fax order contract of our company, please confirm and sign, the fund gets to deliver. Generally pay the bill and send out in two days. The picture is only for reference, please subject to material object

Specialize in various wall bushings CB-10 series CWB-10 serial CWC-20 series CWW-10 serial CC-10 series series CWWC-20

Use and classification: It is in distribution equipment and high-pressure electric apparatus of the 35kV, following power plant, converting station that the high-pressure wall bushing is suitable for exchanging 200A-8000A voltage in mains frequency, make conductive part, wear wall or connect to insulate and support, use surface feature while being other. Clutch suitable for ambient temperature - 40 ¡æ and 40 ¡æ, does not suitable for under sufficient to reduce one set of tube characteristics terms and use under the the intersection of clutch and the intersection of indoor and some the intersection of surface and the intersection of condensation and situation

The above-mentioned contents are: CWW-10/1000A detailed information, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand more CWW-10/1000A pictures, prices, parameters Please sell the general headquarters and release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection for Leqing Fan high electric limited company, if the intersection of Leqing and high electric limited company Fan it sells the intersection of general headquarters and contact detail to be whether you can also go on, complain error correction or release, buy message by a CWW-10/1000A, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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