Shake the voltage transformer

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Brand / type: Shake the voltage transformer
Cooling way: The oil immersion is self-cooled
Frequency character: Low frequency
Power rating: 0.05-0.4( KVA) W
Dampproof way: Open
Type: Shake the voltage transformer
Process and customize: Yes
Brand: Domestic

Make according to making the standard by oneself

The intersection of space and the intersection of electric apparatus and Co., Ltd. Wan, city of Jiangyin, lie in the intersection of Jiangsu and the intersection of Jiangyin and city, manage light the intersection of function and voltage transformer, special voltage transformer, Model CD voltage transformer mainly. When. The company inherits & ldquo; Customer the highest, bent on making progress & rdquo; Management theory,insist on & ldquo; The customer is first & rdquo; Principle offer high-quality services to the masses of customers. Enquiries and orders are welcome!!

Contacts: Xu HuiFen
Telephone: 8613961621962
Mobile Phone: 8613961621962
Zip: 214442
Address: Jiangsu Jiangyin the intersection of Hong Kong and town settle the road No. 294 summer such as city such as Jiangyin
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