DFW-12 DFW-12 cable divides the connection box

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Offer and process customizing: Yes
Brand: The pot is auspicious
Type: DFW-12/630
Type: The switching cable divides the connection box
Outer cover material: Aluminize zinc plate
Nominal voltage: 12
Rated current: 630
Short out in the making current: 20
Protection grade: IP3X
Product certification: Type tests
Applicable scope: The open air
The environment for use: The open air
The highest operating voltage: 220
The cable branch box is a kind of apparatus used for implementing branching off, branch, continuing and chance-over circuit to cable circuit, the majority is used in the open air. The duration in our country of this apparatus is not long, insider and electric system use understanding of it and understanding of the department to be still inconsistent, especially European inserting devicing,etc., having different viewing while being American to to quote foreign countries from. The following correlation technique key element divided to the cable into the connection box is introduced and described briefly, the department consult to for the electricity to design and run. ке cable divide the intersection of type and cable branch box of connection box into, commit, divide two major kinds into according to electricity their: One kind does not include any switch apparatus, only there are attachments dealt with and connected to the termination of cable in vivo in the case, architectural comparison is simple, the volume is minor, the function is relatively single, can be called and divided the connection box ordinarily; Another kind not only has ordinary attachment which divides the connection box in cases,but also also contain one or many switch apparatuses, its structure is comparatively complicated, the volume is relatively big, there are many interface units, the difficulty of the manufacturing technology is great, the fabrication cost is high, can be called advancedly and divided the connection box 1. Divide connection box, there is no switch apparatus in the ordinary cable branch box while being ordinary, enter the wired and and coil out and link together electrically, the electric potential is the same, suitable for use in branching off or branched interstar connection. Usually used to it counting the incoming line including coils out and counts to call the branch to count. For example three branch cable divide connection box, to have three equipotential connecting point at being every and one-phase it into, can be used as one and entered two or entered one two times. The cable assigns to the connection box includes U, V, W three phases, the three-phase circuit structure is the same, the in-line arrangement is together. 2. Advanced to divide connection box, contain switch apparatus in the advanced cable branch box, already can play, divide shunting, branched function of connection box while being ordinary, can function as control, conversion and changing the run mode of the feed circuit. The break of switch roughly divides the cable return circuit into entering the line side and gets off the line side, the electric potential of both sides can be different. Switch apparatus has greater volume, so the advanced physical dimension of dividing the connection box is larger, the height is generally 1.4- 1.8m, the depth is about 0.9- 1.0m, the length is contingent upon the switch apparatus number included, many among 1.0m to 2.4m. The appearance of the container body is similar to the outdoor box voltage transformer, there are several active doors on the case shell, some doors are for operation of the switch apparatus, some doors are for cable installation constructing or operating repair of interface unit

The above-mentioned contents are: DFW-12 DFW-12 cable divides the detailed information of the connection box, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand more DFW-12 DFW-12 cable divides connection box picture, price, parameter Please release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection for the pot auspicious electric Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of city of Leqing, if the auspicious electric contact details of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of the pot of the intersection of Leqing and city are wrong you can also complain error correction or release a DFW-12 DFW-12 cable divides the connection box to buy information, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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