120A electric motor protector, JDB-120 comprehensive protective device

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Offer and process customizing: Whether not
Brand: Bright and high
Type: JDB-120
Product certification: CCC

120A electric motor protector, JDB-120 comprehensive protective device

JDB-120 electric motor comprehensive protective device, JDB-120 protector producer, JDB-80, 120, 225 electric motor comprehensive protective devices, protector of the electrical machinery
Protector series JDB, the protector of the electric motor, JDB80 protector is sold in batches, the protector price
First, applicable scope and use:
This serial protectors are suitable for exchanging 50HZ, the voltage is: 380V/660V /or /, in power circuit, it is spend not to last electric motor 1140V, the electric current to 400A one. Suitable for making up the mining explosion suppression type vaccum electromagnetic starter with various vacuum contactors.
Second, products characteristic:
1,Protect with complete function, have over load, short out, interrupt, drain occlude etc. protect the function
2,Series ABD8 adopt the digital circuit, the characteristic is stable and reliable.
Type, specification JDB-80C JDB-80A JDB-120 JDB-225 ABD8-250ABD8-315ABD8-400
Nominal voltage (V) 380,660 660,1140
Specified current range (A) 5.5-80 5-80 3-120 55-220 40-25040-31540-400
Long-term non-action of 1.05 times of pick-up time of overload protection
1.2 times of 5-20min
1.5 times of 1-3min
6 times of 8-16s
Movement timeliness of short circuit protection (8-10 times) 0.2-0.4s
Occlude the value 380V of movements in drain: 7+20% k¦¸; 660V: 22+20% k¦¸; 1140V: 40+20% k¦¸
The remarks are separated and integrative type, there is over load, leak and try the function and bring various situation displays

The above-mentioned contents are: 120A electric motor protector, JDB-120 comprehensive protective device detailed information, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand more 120A electric motor protectors, JDB-120 comprehensive protective device picture, price, parameter Please release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection for the bright high unexplosive electric apparatus limited company of a city of Leqing, if the contact details of electric apparatus limited company of bright high unexplosive of Leqing are wrong you can also complain error correction or release an 120A electric motor protector, JDB-120 comprehensive protective device buys information, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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