Unexplosive control button sells the unexplosive control button directly to households and offers the unexplosive control button producer

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Offer and process customizing: Yes
Name: Unexplosive control button
Brand: Circle in the air unexplosive on day
Type: BZA53
Material: Aluminum alloy
Size: 20*18*25mm
Applicable scope: IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas of group

BZA53 unexplosive control button


First, applicable scope A, theapplicablescope

Unexplosive control button - a district, hazardous area of 2 districts.

Explosion-proofcontrolbuttonfor the dangerous sites - 1 zone and 2zone

- IIA, IIB, IIC group's explosive gas atmosphere in the unexplosive control button.

Explosion-proofcontrol button-type IIA, IIB, IIC group explosive gasenvironment.

Unexplosive control button- Indoor, outdoor (IP54, IP65) .

Explosion-proofcontrol button-indoor, outdoor (IP54, IP65) .

Second, characteristic characteristic Second, theperformancecharacteristics

The unexplosive control button - outer cover of aluminum alloy presses the casting type, the surface is gushed out and moulded, the appearance is esthetic.

Explosion-proof controlbutton-aluminum alloy shell die-casting molding, surfacecoating,beautifulappearance.

Unexplosive control button - install explosion suppression type button and safety adding type ammeter inside.

Explosion-proof controlbutton-built-in flameproof button and a safetytypecurrentmeter.

The unexplosive control button - button with ammeter can monitor the equipment status.

Explosion-proof controlbutton-the button with the ammeter to monitorequipmentoperationstate.

- steel tube or cable routing in the unexplosive control button.

Explosion-proof control button - steel pipeorcablewiring.

[Warm to brief on ]: Because the type released on the net is limited, many specifications type and price please send a telegram to 18357730631/0577-61782300 even more, can also use QQ another: 478558969 is consulted.

Warm prompt: ]for online model is limited, more specifications and prices please call 18357730631/0577-61782300, the other can also use QQ: 478558969 for consultation

The above-mentioned contents are: The unexplosive control button is sold directly to households, the unexplosive control button is offered, producer's detailed information of control button of unexplosive, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand more unexplosive control buttons are sold directly to households, the unexplosive control button is offered, unexplosive producer's picture, price, parameter of control button Please circle in the air for Shanghai on day explosion-proof electrification limited company release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection, if Shanghai circle in the air contact detail, limited company of explosion-proof electrification, whether you can also go on, complain error correction or release, sell directly to households by one the intersection of unexplosive and control button day, the unexplosive control button is offered, the unexplosive control button producer buys information, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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