REXMAC reducer PC080-HMRV105

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REXMAC reducer PC080-HMRV105
REXMAC its have REXMAC reducer, products such as REXMAC electrical machinery,etc., the HMRV series worm gear endless screw reducer is the practicability products of new generation that our company developed on the basis of improving the WJ series products constantly. Having merged domestic and foreign advanced technique, have some following leading particularses:
1,The high-quality aluminum alloy is made, light, does not get rusty;
2,The output torque is great;
3,Rotate steadily, with low noises, suitable for working on the severe environment continuously in midium or long term;
4,Radiation effection is high;
5,Attractive and durable, the volume is small;
6,Can adapt to all-round installation.
Main material
1,Outer cover: Aluminum alloy ( Carcass: 025-105),Casting iron( Carcass: 110-130);
2,Endless screw: 20Cr, cementation is quenched, the hardness 56-62HRC of tooth face, keeps the case depth 0.3-0.5mm after finishing grind;
3,Worm gear: Wear-resisting tin bronze.
Coating of surface
1,First blasting treatment, and then keep silvery white metal sense, and is able to bear the petrol through special antiseptic treatment, two corrosion of first organic solvent such as being cumbersome;
2,After coslettizing, and then gush out RAL5010 blue or silvery white coating.
The outer cover of casting iron: Apply red rust-proofing paint first, and then spraying RAL5010 blue or silvery white coating.

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