Auto-voltage depressed starting cabinet JX01-75KW

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Offer and process customizing: Yes
Type: JX01-75
Rated current: 1
Nominal voltage: 380
Applicable electrical machinery: Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor
Use: Across the line starting
Product certification: 3C

JX01 reduce pressure the intersection of start and control cabinet (product this equip with the plastic shell circuit breaker, the comprehensive protective device of electric motor while being auto-voltage, electric current time switching device, the function is as follows, excessive load, interrupt, three-phase are uneven, short out, force to switch over and turn round etc. and protect the function through the current value of start)
Chinese soft start
It is here to exchange the three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motorStart or parking in the course, a series of problem exists. For example, impact on quality of service voltage and increasing and question of impact to mechanical equipment of electrical consumption of power supply line of larger starting current that the start of total pressure causes. During shutting down, if pull the system and lose running torque suddenly, overcome the coast to stop of inertia of the system by the friction running torque of the system, also give and pull and bring a great deal of questions systematically. Such as the water hammer phenomenon of the water pump, transport the mechanical products to shift and the liquid is overflowed etc..
The traditional electric motor priming method is to use the star / triangular starter, auto-voltage reduced voltage starter. They can only start lower electric motor play a working up the impact to electric wire netting of the electric current role. Can guarantee the reliable start of the electric motor, but it can't solve above-mentioned other problems. SQR2 series electrical machinery soft starter, adopt intelligently and control digitally, regard one-chip computer as the intellectual centre, the silicon controlled rectifier module carries on full automatic control to the electric motor for the power element. Its applicable squirrel cage asynchronous motor control of different load. Under working condition any can make electric motor smooth start, protect and pull the system, reducing the starting current will strike the electric wire netting, guarantee the reliable start of the electric motor. Smooth ramp to stop, the function has solved the parking surge problem of the inertial system effectively, dispel, pull striking against inertia systematic, whom traditional apparatus can't realize. The intact system protects the function, lengthens the life time of the system, reduces the systematic fabrication cost, improve the reliability of the system. Getting compatible all various function of starting equipment, traditional star / triangular start and reduce pressure start optimal the intersection of update and product while being auto-voltage.
Five kinds of start ways: Start of current limiter, voltage slope start, slope + current limiter soft start, kick running torque start, start of voltage.
2,The way of parking: The voltage slope is soft to park, freedom parks.
3,Programmable time delay initialization mode is programmable interlock controlling, the programmable trouble joint exports.
4,Do not have phase sequence that is required in inputting the power.
5,It is revised that starting time, down time are programmable.
6,Have many kinds of protection functions: Excess current, three-phase current are uneven, excessive heating, open phase, electrical machinery over load,etc. are protected.
7,Dynamic the intersection of trouble and memory function, easy to troubleshoot cause. Can record five troubles at most.
8,Can look for the starting current of three-phase maximum and running current of the maximum online.
9,Always collinear complete dynamic control monitors the starter, the easy network connection at the scene. (available)
10,The display function of Chinese characters: LCD liquid crystal screen reveals various working condition parameters, having characters to brief on prove under programming and fault state

The above-mentioned contents are: The detailed information of the starting cabinet of reducing pressure of auto-voltage JX01-75KW, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want, understand more JX01-75KW reduce pressure the intersection of starting cabinet and picture, price, parameter while being auto-voltage Please release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection for Zhejiang Jiang Yonghua electric Co., Ltd., if the electric Co., Ltd. contact details of Jiang Yonghua of Zhejiang are wrong you can also complain error correction or release auto-voltage a JX01-75KW to reduce pressure the starting cabinet buy information, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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