Shandong blows the magnetic heater producer of electromechanics of membrane

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ShandongWill make great efforts to become the peak, prospective industry will be energy-conserving in and industrial intelligent automation specialized company, rely on it from the new scientific and technological advantage of the height, the products have intelligent, diversified control modes, can regulate the power of heating the power electrodelessly. The products are applied to moulding plastics machine, extruder, pelletizer, wire drawing machine, blowing the membrane machine, trader and heating reducing energy consumption with electromagnetism stove, dogcook,etc. extensively, receive vastly on the market and welcome. The company pays attention to technology, pay attention to talents, launch technological exchange and coorperation extensively, open the win-win brand-new situation with the masses of users for enterprises

Very fierce when blowing electromechanics' magnetic heater now market competition of membrane in Shandong, the transparency of extraordinary too price, just like mobile phone the higher is the price the better is the quality of the merchandise,whose name is in you been here electromagnetic to last Science Technologies Co., Ltd. in source recommendation brightness. The product of this factory is very complete, electromagnetic to heat the control panel, electromagnetic heating controller, electromagnetic to heat control cabinet three major series, the power is from 2KW to whole series 60KW, it is the most complete producer of domestic product series at present. Product quality is steady, the power saving rate is more higher than the counterpart, it is the ideal cooperative partners of the reducing energy consumption, equipment matching production.

The concrete Item Model is as follows:
Single-phase and electromagnetic to heat the control panel: 2KW.2.5KW, 3.5KW, 5KW, 8KW
Three phases are electromagnetic to heat the control panel: 5KW, 8KW, 10KW, 15KW
Single-phase electromagnetic heating controller: 3.5KW, 5KW, 8KW
The electromagnetic heating controller of three-phase semi-bridge: 5KW, 8KW, 10KW, 15KW, 20KW, 30KW
The electromagnetic heating controller of three-phase full-bridge: 20KW, 30KW, 40KW, 50KW, 60KW
Electromagnetic to heat the control cabinet: 20KW, 30KW, 40KW, 50KW, 60KW

The above-mentioned contents are: Shandong blows electromechanics' magnetic heater producer's detailed information of the membrane, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand more Shandong blow membrane electromechanics' magnetic heater producer's picture, price, parameter Please give Shenzhen a letter brightness source Science Technologies Co., Ltd. to release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection, if Shenzhen the intersection of letter and the intersection of brightness and source the intersection of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. and contact detail whether you can also go on, complain error correction or release, blow the intersection of membrane and the intersection of electromechanics and magnetic heater producer, buy information by one Shandong, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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