U.S.A. CCS pressure switch

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Brand: U.S.A. CCS pressure switch
Type: U.S.A. CCS pressure switch
U.S.A. CCS pressure switch
CCS is the specializing in the pressure of U.S.A.'s maximum, the works of the temperature switch, this factory has already had a history of over 50 years, CCS pressure switch is with the excellent characteristic, the good service wins high praise in the whole world.
CCS pressure switch adopts the dual spring structure of the patent in design, movement value is accurate, repeatability is high, the little nip responds to well, has not drifted about, shock-resistant, defend shaking, resist and shake, basically free of temperature factor, CCS pressure switch train is complete, high, China, low, the actuating range of the little pressure, general, strenghthened type, compact type, the choices of different uses such as being miniature, the temperature switch of CCS pressure has been already in the petrochemical industry, each industrial field such as electricity, machinery are widely used.
CCS pressure switch / temperature switch

1. The series of the CCS pressure switch 604: The pressure switch of the Model 604G: 604G1, 604G2, 604G3, 604G5, 604G11,

604GM1, 604GM2, 604GM3, 604GM5, 604GM11
The pressure switch of the Model 604P: 604P12, 604P15, 604P21, 604P31
604PM12, 604PM15, 604PM21, 604PM31
604PX12, 604PX15, 604PX21, 604PX31
The pressure switch of the Model 604V: 604V1, 646VM1
604GZ pressure switch: 604GZ1, 604GZ2, 604GZ3, 604GZ5, 604GZ11,
604GZM1, 604GZM2, 604GZM3, 604GZM5, 604GZM11
The pressure switch of the Model 604D: 604D1, 604D2

2. Ccs pressure switch

6900G/6900GZ type: 6900GZM12, 6900GZM14, 6900GZM16, 6900GZM18, 6900GZM20, 6900GZM22
6900P type: 6900P32, 6900P34, 6900P36, 6900P38
Ccs pressure switch 646DZE, 6900DZE unexplosive differential pressure switch: 646DZE1, 646DZE26900DZE8, 6900DZE106900DZEM8, 6900DZEM10

3. Ccs pressure switch
6900 serial unexplosive pressure switches: 6900GE12, 6900GE14, 6900GE16, 6900GE18, 6900GE20, 6900GE22

4. Ccs temperature switch:
604T temperature switch: 604T1, 604T2, 604T3, 604T4, 604T5, 604TM1, 604TM2, 604TM3, 604TM4, 604TM5
604TU temperature switch: 604TU1, 604TU2, 604TU3, 604TU4, 604TU5, 604TU6604TUM1, 604TUM2, 604TUM3, 604TUM4, 604TUM5, 604TUM6
6900T/6900TU temperature switch: 6900T12, 6900T14, 6900T16, 6900T18
The type explains as follows:

Symbol meaning and naming the embodiment
6900,611- -Show the compact type 604, 646 is represented generally
675,68xx - -Micropressure showing type
G - -Represent the pressure switch of the diaphragm type
P - -Represent the piston pressure switch
D - -Represent the differential pressure switch of the diaphragm type
V - -Represent the vacuum
T - -Temperature
U - -Take the capillary
E - -Bring the unexplosive function
M - -Show DPDT ' There is not M that represent SPDT)
Z - -Interface material the stainless steel ' There is not Z that represent the aluminum alloy)
The tailer tape is sewn - 7011, 7042 shows the diaphragm material is the stainless steel, there is not end that sew showing the diaphragm material is in order to gather Buna rubber
CCS 6900GE16 CCS 646GZEM-7011 CCS 604GM2
CCS 6900GZE14-7042 CCS 604GZM1 CCS 604P21 CCS 604G1
CCS 6900G18 CCS 604G1 CCS 604G2 CCS 604G11
CCS 604G11 CCS 604G11 CCS 604G1 CCS 6900GE16
CCS 6900GE20 CCS 604PM21 CCS 604D1 CCS 604G1 CCS pressure switch 604G3
The switch 6900GEM18 of CCS CCS pressure, 2MPa CCS CCS pressure switch 6900GEM20, 4MPa
CCS 604GM1 CCS 604PM21 CCS 604DM1 CCS 604GZ3CCSWBIS8344A370,24VDC
CCS ASCO electromagnetic valve 52100008,230V/50Hz CCS CCS pressure switch 604D2
CCS CCS pressure switch 604G3 CCS CCS pressure switch 604G2
CCS PH electrode CPS11-2AA2ESA CCS pressure switch 604G11 CCS pressure switch 604GZ11
CCS 6900GEM18,2MPa CCS 6900GEM20,4MPa
CCS 604G11 CCS 604GM1 CCS 604G11 CCS pressure switch 6862G3

604G diaphragm type pressure switch: 604G1 604G2 604G11 604G3 604G5 604GM1 604GM2604GM11604GM3 604GM5
604P serial piston pressure switches: 604P12 604P15 604P21 604P31 604PM12 604PM15604PM21604PM31
604GZ common strenghthened type pressure switch: 604GZ1 604GZ2 604GZ11 604GZ3 604GZ5 604GZ7
604GZ-7011 common strenghthened type pressure switch: 604GZ1-7011 604GZ2-7011604GZ3-7011604GZ11-7011:604GZ5-7011 604GZ7-7011 604GZ9-7011604GZ10-7011
646GE common explosion proof type pressure switch: 646GE1 646GE2 646GE11 646GE3 646GE5 646GEM1646GEM2646GEM11 646GEM3 646GEM5
646PE serial piston pressure switches: 646PE12 646PE15 646PE21 646PE31 646PEM12646PEM15646PEM21 646PEM31
646GZE is common to strengthen the pressure switch of the explosion proof type: 646GZE1 646GZE2 646GZE11 646GZE3 646GZE5
Series 646GZE-7011: 646GZE1-7011 646GZE2-7011 646GZE11-7011646GZE3-7011646GZE5-7011
The 6900GZ series compactness strengthens the pressure switch of the diaphragm type
6900GZ12 6900GZ14 6900GZ16 6900GZ18 6900GZ20 6900GZ22
6900GZM12 6900GZM14 6900GZM16 6900GZM18 6900GZM20 6900GZM22
6900P serial piston pressure switches: 6900P32 6900P36 6900P38 6900P34
6900PE serial compact unexplosive diaphragm type pressure switches: 6900PE32 6900PE36 6900PE38 6900PE34
6900G serial compact diaphragm type pressure switches: 6900GZE12 6900GZE14 6900GZE16 6900GZE186900GZE206900GZE22
6900GZEM12 6900GZEM14 6900GZEM16 6900GZEM186900GZEM206900GZE22
604D general differential pressure switch: 604D1 604D2 604DM1 604DM2
604DZE is common to strengthen the differential pressure switch of the explosion proof type: 604DZE1 604DZE2 604DZEM1 604DZEM2
604V vacuum switch: 604V1 604VM1 604VE1 604VEM1
604T temperature switch: 604T1 604T2 604T3 604T4 604T5 604TM1 604TM2 604TM3604TM4604TM5 604TU1 604TU2 604TU3 604TU4 604TU5 604TUM1 604TUM2604TUM3604TUM4 604TUM5

The above-mentioned contents are: U.S.A. CCS pressure switch detailed information, if the parameter content is not detailed enough, want to understand more U.S.A. CCS pressure switch pictures, price, parameter Please revitalize hundred million oil field apparatus limited company safely and abundantly to release the inquiry sheet or telegraph the connection for Shenzhen, if Shenzhen revitalize safe abundant hundred million oil field the intersection of apparatus and the intersection of Co., Ltd. and contact detail whether you can also go on, complain error correction or release, buy message by an U.S.A. CCS pressure switch, let more trade companies contact you voluntarily.

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