[Generating set of star light ] moves the walkie diesel generator set 13809953146

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Star light Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Branch of power plant of Jiangsu supplies [the generating set of star light ] and moves the walkie diesel generator set, the details are consulted: Soldier Gu Xiao 18999222000 13809953146
[Generating set of star light ] moves the characteristic of the walkie diesel generator set as follows: Move the generator and move the generator and also call moving the hydropower station, its design has innovation alone, mobility high and weight low, it brakes security, manufacture to be superior and appearance esthetic. The trailer frame which moves the generating set adopts the channel beam to weld, it was rational that the node was chosen, the high, stiffness of intensity was good; Contain the pendant structure of the leaf spring at the same time. The trailer adopts the adjustable socket type tongue tree of the height, is suitable for various high motor tractors; Adopt the round steel tube to weld the straightforward axletree, compact, safe and reliable. Four corners of the frame have mechanical support devices, allocate inertia and drive a vehicle braking, Lay-up brake and break away from emergency braking, guarantee the security of the aircrew under various states. The intersection of frame and forward end have, support wheel, possess, bear aircrew to be vertical to also possess and lead the function loaded a while in function. The completed car allocates and turns the pilot lamp to and brakes, contain the tail lamp standard plug at the same time. Detailed materials meet the official site: www.xjfdjz.com

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