300kw large-scale diesel generator set

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“ Raise the department & rdquo; Serial diesel generator sets, the following functions and the type are for the customer to choose: A, the moving die arises; B, four protective devices; C, full automatization type; D, multicomputer connect in parallel ' Be combined with other handset) ; E, with low noise type; F, moving the hydropower station,etc.. In addition, we can also make different technical parameter and aircrew disposed according to the request of customer. 1,The diesel generator set forms: By diesel engine, generator and control box, chassis, coupling joint, exhaust muffler,etc. were linked. 2,The start way of the aircrew: A, starting manually; B, hauling oneself willingly into autotemnous self-booting. 3,Control system: Mainly include ammeter, voltmeter, frequency meter, straight flux containing table, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, starting switch, start button, reaction type automatic protection switching and pilot lamp,etc..

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